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Starting wet

April DoddApril Dodd TennesseeMember Posts: 60
edited 30 November, 2008 in Food & Nutrition
Meowmy is going to gradually change us from dry to wet, she knows to mix the wet with the dry first for a few days will help us adjust but she wants to make sure she's giving us the BEST wet available. Any suggestions? Also our brother Bobby has to eat special dry food due to crystals in urine...will wet food be okay for him?


  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 24 November, 2008
    Go to the site called this site will help you with the transition to wet food. Wet food will be the best thing for Bobby instead of the dry food. Id try and find some high protein grain free varieties like Wellness, or Evo. Variety is good, and do not feed what the can says, this is always overstated. If you read all the pages on that site it will tell you all you need to know.=; If you need any more help just ask :)
  • Chrysee HinshawChrysee Hinshaw Member Posts: 474
    edited 24 November, 2008
    Dry kibble should never be made wet in any way, either adding water or mixing with wet food. Bacteria will grow on it and since it takes so long to digest, it's just not a good idea. Wet food is smelly enough to be enticing to most cats, even if they have not eaten it before. Wellness, Evo, Instinct, etc are all grain-free and all highly palatable foods. I would feed very small portions at first (like a spoonful) in a separate bowl or plate to make sure your cat is eating it. You shouldn't leave wet food out for a very long time, so feed lots of little meals until he has transitioned so you are not wasting any food by throwing it away.
  • Benji ThompsonBenji Thompson Member Posts: 7,380
    edited 24 November, 2008
    You should never mix dry with wet. The poster above me covered why. Most cats will prefer wet, anyway. It's packed with more meat and higher in protein; so, the smell is enticing to the kittehs. I suggest feeding Wet for one meal and dry for the other. And, maybe feed in two dishes wet and dry? You could try those. And, then, gradually switch to all wet.
  • Stephanie ChangtuStephanie Changtu MiamiMember Posts: 1,175
    edited 24 November, 2008
    "Also our brother Bobby has to eat special dry food due to crystals in urine...will wet food be okay for him?" YES! Thats what he's supossed to be eating. Kibble sometimes even causes crystals. Like others have said, never mix kibble with canned. I recomend feeding one meal kibble one meal canned until your completely on canned.
  • April DoddApril Dodd TennesseeMember Posts: 60
    edited 26 November, 2008
    Thank you everyone for all your help! We are LOVING wet and our brother Bobby who is normally a very lazy kitty has been very playful the past 2 days! We're glad meowmy gave us the yummy wet food!!!
  • Andrea LeBlancAndrea LeBlanc WestfieldMember Posts: 282
    edited 30 November, 2008
    We just started wet food too. Mesha likes the Meow Mix but I want her on a good food. She seems to like the wet food that actually looks like food and not the canned paste type of food. Do companies like Natural Balance and Innova have the wet food that isn't the paste? What kind of wet food do you feed your kitty?
  • Stephanie ChangtuStephanie Changtu MiamiMember Posts: 1,175
    edited 30 November, 2008
    Meesha, I belive Weruva has a some flavors that aren't paste, and Wellness pouches (although they are quite expensive, here they cost $1.09 a pouch.
  • Sherry StoneSherry Stone Member Posts: 526
    edited 30 November, 2008
    I just wanted to say, good for you for transitioning to wet food from kibbles;c;. After everything I've read about it lately, I will never have another animal on kibble again!
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