Feeding Tuna?

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Once was thought that magnesium in the fish was causing struvite, but new research shows this is not the case. Magnesium chloride acidifies the urine, and magnesium oxide makes a more alkaline urine. There are 2 different kinds of crystals here struvite and oxalate. Salmon and some other cleaner fish is not as high in magnesium as Tuna, it is alot higher. *I will only feed my cats salmon once a week, they do not get Tuna at all, here are some of the reasons why I dont feed Tuna (on a daily basis.) -Makes for a picky cat ( cats need a variety in diet) -Contains Mercury -high in mineral salts (this is what is bad for the cats urine) -high in polyunsaturated fats, which cats cannot metabolize. -Tuna in vegie oil takes vitamin E away from the cat.


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    Ok, Shadow, I\'m still new to kitty nutrition, and am basing a lot of it on ferret nutrition. Since mine will only eat Fancy Feast:-O grilled tuna right now, while they are in the looong process of transitioning to raw. I didn\'t think this would cause too much of a problem?
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    It makes one reconsider Fancy Feast, which is tuna-based. I think tuna is fine in small, moderate amounts- but if it's being fed every day I'd imagine it would cause problems in the long run.
  • Sherry StoneSherry Stone Member Posts: 526
    edited 29 November, 2008
    I agree! We are finally almost switched to Natures Variety freeze dried, and will be going raw soon(I hope)
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    I confess, my kit kats get tuna as an occasional snack. But, I certainly wouldn't feed it every day. Besides, they much prefer salmon, anyway. %:D%
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