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Ok So I have finally succumbed and am keeping Desert in the bedroom while I'm at work ( I don't think it's rght BUT..)I'm out of options. Desert was attacking the other 2 cats during the day despite being on anti anxiety meds; so bad that 2 times I came home to find chunks taken out of forest's chin. I decided that 1st I didn't like Desert on the meds as he was acting as if he was depressed all the time. and 2nd I don't know the internal damage that could be being done to hime because of the meds, and since they are ineffective anyways. I just "gave in". Forest is "free" with Gosmot during the day. However Forest has started to attack Desert bad enough to have Desert (who is a solid 5 lbs heavier than Forest) crys and complains like "Hey stop that HURTS". The other strange thing that has started to happen is both Forst and Desert have taken to excessive digging prior to using the toilette. They alway s dug before but never like they are now. They could take upto 5 min just digging. Also Forest has started to hold him self untill I get home and only go pee & poo in the litter in my bedroom where Desert is during the day. This even though he has full access to another litterbox during the day. Yesterday he tried to get in with Desert as he was trying to go. It's not unusual for Desert to wait for me to go to the bathroom BUT it is totally unusual for Forest to. I really don't know what to do or what is going on. I would appreciate any imput. Oh and Desert is technically not for adoption right now as I don't want him to be a "disposable christmas" gift. The only one who is not causing concern right now is my "angel" Gosmot. Infact since Desert has been on the meds it's like he is a kitten again even more so now that Desert is seperated (during my time out at work). so again any thoughts?? I would really just like to have them all get along with out any wierd behaviour so that I could keep them all and not have to break up my little family due to sibling rivalry.


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    It sounds like the territorial issues have spread to Forest. Forest has probably decided that since Desert has been removed, that makes him a dominant kitty, and so he is starting to beat up on him. It doesn't matter that their size does not match, this is all about confidence (says the cat whose tiny cat sister sometimes gets the better of him). How is Gosmot doing while all of this is going on? Does he stay out of it, or does he take sides?
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    Unfortunately, this sounds like a situation where rehoming is the only solution. Fortunately, you have plans to adopt out Desert after the holidays. As my vet says, while rehoming is difficult and sometimes traumatic for both owner and cat, in cases where all the cats concerned (except maybe Gosmot) and their Humans are all suffering, rehoming is often the only solution. I myself have had to do it with cats who were ripping each other to shreds and/or expressing their frustration through constant inappropriate elimination. Fortunately, I was able to return them to where I\'d gotten them (a vet and a rescue league), and both seem to be doing much better than they were in my household.
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    Hi Boris, Gosmot as far as I can tell is staying out of it all no sides involved. However since Desert has been on the meds and now seperated he is behaving like a kitten again. he gets along fine with Forest and sometimes plays the "I'm Hunting you" game with him. Which is halarious to watch. Gosmot is the first cat I've seen at 5 & 1/2 (?) leap like a kitten straight up like 3 feet high i hope to someday get a video of it. If this is a new territorial issue then should I for now keep them all separated and hope nobody is territorial in the end? I've been trying to find Desert a good new home now for about 3 months (not counting the month or 2 at the begining of the summer). And nothing!!!! the few people who called never showed for thier appointments, and the only one who did didn't like Desert (she probablly would have left with Gosmot but that's not happening) and Desert did not like her either. So other than rehoming him (which is already in the palns) is there anything I can do in the mean time to keep my thee boys happy and safe? And is the toilet issue associated with the territorial aggression and should I ony let them go in the one where they spend thier day?? right now this is how I feel :?
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