How can I get along with Big Sis?

Jason YoungbergJason Youngberg WheatonMember Posts: 251
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Hello! I've been a foster kitteh for almost 4 months (I'm 9 months old now). My Foster Daddy says I can stay here until I find a new home no matter how long it takes. Well it looks like it will be a long time, if ever, before that happens. I really hate going to the adoption shows. I hiss at people and last time the people running it forgot to give me food and water! I'm a sweet kitteh with lots of purrsonality and energy. So much energy that I'm almost constantly pestering my FD and his other two cats to play. That's the problem, his 3 year old brown tabby, Lena, doesn't like me much. She growls if I come too near and has been known to smack me upside the head. We do play some but I get on her nerves really easily. I want to play so much that every time he tries to play with Lena, I have to join in. I should also mention that Lena had her front claws removed by her previous family while I'm fully armed (my Big Brother was fully declawed by the family who abandoned him, but he's a big Big Brother and his size counters the lack of claws). Our introductions were rushed. You see I was in heat when I was given to FD. He tried to keep me in my own room but I howled at the door to be let out and jumped against it so often and so hard FD was scared I'd hurt myself. He didn't have much choice but to let me out and meet his furever kittehs the second day. Is there anything FD can do to help me and Lena get along? He doesn't want much, just that I'd stop annoying Lena and Lena quit growling at me. It looks like I may be here for a long time (hooray!) and FD wants everyone happy.


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    Well, Pepi, are you spayed now? If not, that might be a start. Unfortunately, rushed introductions sometimes have long-lasting effects, as you are seeing now. On the other hand, I could not leave Lily Rose confined in a room either and she had the run of the house from day 2 of living here. Izzie and Delilah hid under the bed for 3 days and now, Izzie and Lily play, wrestle, sleep and eat together. Frankly, I think I am extraordinarily lucky with cat introductions as I\'ve never had to deal with cats who disliked each other. Let me ask you this. Is it possible that Lena and Pepi are just playing or Lena is setting the ground rules? Or is Lena down and dirty nasty to Pept? (Puffed up tail, ruffled fur, ears back, eyes bulging..) When my cats play, you\'d think they were going to kill each other. But I was watching them playing last night and neither had their claws out. Observe them carefully and don\'t interrupt their interactions unless one is truly in danger. My vet told me that cats usually work out their differences sooner or later. They may never be best friends, but may come to some sort of living arrangement.
  • Jason YoungbergJason Youngberg WheatonMember Posts: 251
    edited 15 December, 2008
    Yes, I'm spayed. FD demanded I be spayed ASAP because I was hyper on hormones. As for if Lena is playing, well when FD is in bed and Lena is sitting on him if I come up, she growls and jumps down. When I'm on the floor and look at Lena, she growls then ignores me. FD knows that when we play, we are playing. We chase each other and tails are out. If I get too close and she's not in the mood, get growls and tries to get away. FD doesn't expect us to be BFF but if the growling and avoidance stop, that's good enough.
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