Wake Mommy Up by BITING

Xiomara IrizarryXiomara Irizarry Member Posts: 2
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Hi, I am Princess. I rule this empire I live on. And I am a genius, since I open faucets, doors, cabinets, etc. Lately I learned a new trick I want to share with you. Wake mommy up at 4:57am by biting her shoulder or elbow, or hands, even nose. She yells, but then she wakes up walks me to the kitchen onley to find my bowl with enough food. I just think she needs to wake up, I mean she normally wakes up at 5:00am, why would she want does last 3 mins for? I am more important than sleep, even if it is Saturday. Mommy: HELP! Princess has always been waking me up early by pulling my hair, jumping on my belly or just patting my face. But this biting thing is too much. I have her teeth marked in my shoulder right now. She is normally adorable, and playful. I hate having to yell at her in the morning. I wish it would just stop. Keeping her out of the room is not much of an option, it brakes my heart and her daddy's to hear her cry. Has anyone experience this?


  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 15 December, 2008
    Well, Princess doesn\'t really understand that it\'s 4:57AM and that you will be getting up anyway at 5:00AM. What she DOES know is that when she acts like that, she gets the reward of having you get up and pay attention to her. You trained her without even trying! Izzie likes to hunt bedmice, especially the ones on Daddy\'s feet. And it\'s usually at 3AM. Unfortunately, even though he is a warm little kitty body and Mommy appreciates this on these cold Cleveland, Ohio nights, this behavior gets Iz thrown out of the bedroom every time he does it. If Princess is biting so hard she\'s leaving marks, that\'s not acceptable. Seriously. Cat bites are nasty things. You may have to steel yourself to her cries and put her out of the bedroom. It does stop. She\'ll find other \"heck\" to raise throughout the house when she\'s on her own out there. Make sure you put all your breakables away. ~a~
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