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Rosa CrueyRosa Cruey DoranMember Posts: 499
edited 24 December, 2008 in Behavior & Training
Well, I'm sure most of you have noticed the advert on here for the Breeze Litter System. We bought it the other day from walmart. It came with the box, scoop, a bag of pellets, and a pack of pads. It's really working well with our two kitties. We love the new box, the odor is gone, as well as the dust and tracking. I was wondering how many other's here use this system....


  • Jan AllenJan Allen DallasMember Posts: 2,596
    edited 15 December, 2008
    We have one but find the pads expensive. I have been trying to find some not so expensive but no luck yet. Other than that we love it.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 16 December, 2008
    A long time ago, I bought a \"littermate\" for my cat and it was awful. It took me three times as long to take the box apart, clean the rake, etc., etc., etc. How does the Breeze work? Is it good for multiple (3) cats? How expensive is it? Thanks!!
  • Stephanie DejanStephanie Dejan Des PlainesMember Posts: 4,239
    edited 17 December, 2008
    I have one of those "self-flushing" boxes - forget the name. It's good but the cats won't poop in it, only pee. It does track, but I can sweep up the pellets and put them back in the box. I've also had problems getting it to recognize the cleaning cartridges, and they're expensive. So the Breeze doesn't track? It uses pee pads? Are they easy to change, and could you use dog training pads instead of theirs?
  • shiz carlsonshiz carlson Member Posts: 15
    edited 18 December, 2008
    Interesting! That looks a lot like the Feline Pine box I asked about in the litter thread. The only difference as far as I can tell is that the Feline Pine box does not use pads. As the pellets dissolve into sawdust they sink to the bottom level for easy cleaning by MommyKat. Has anyone compared Breeze to Feline Pine litter? In the litter thread someone said they used wood stove pellets and that they were the same and far less expensive.
  • Rosa CrueyRosa Cruey DoranMember Posts: 499
    edited 18 December, 2008
    Well, I paid 30 for the kit. It came with the box, a pack of pads, and a bag of pellets. I went back and bought two more bags of pellets, so I'd have them when it came time. Both my cats use the same box, and we've had no trouble at all. With other litters and boxes, I've always had trouble with the pee clumping. But, with this all we do is change the pad every few days. It is so much cleaner than anything else I've ever used, and we've tried everything!!!
  • Stephanie DejanStephanie Dejan Des PlainesMember Posts: 4,239
    edited 18 December, 2008
    Does the poop smell because it's not covered in litter?
  • Carolyn SmithCarolyn Smith GrapevineMember Posts: 31
    edited 20 December, 2008
    Our mom used the Breeze for awhile but we did have a problem with the poop smelling. Also, she felt that one package of pellets weren't enough. Then when you scoop out the poop, there were even less pellets. It can get expensive when you have to keep buying the pellets and pads. She went back to the plain old covered litter box and tidy cats litter. One thing she did get to help with the smell was something called a litter locker. It works GREAT! It's like a diaper genie for litter! Now she just has to figure out a way to keep litter from being tracked out of the box...
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    edited 21 December, 2008
    This may be a case where something from Japan has been quietly adopted by American manufacturers...We\'ve had the same kind of litter boxes in Japan for at least 6 or 7 years, and I\'ve been using variations ever since. Currently, I use a kind that has short, cylindridal wooden pellets (cedar?) instead of the mystery material round pellets in my former system. The reason I changed was that when I kept the cat toilet in the bathroom, which has a plastic floor, the spilled mystery material pellets would eat into the plastic. Anything that does that can\'t be good for cats. The system itself, though, beats lugging several kilos of used kitty litter down three flights of steps once or twice a week. The system I use now (made by the Japanese manufacturer Kao) uses wooden pellets that do NOT have much of a cedar odor (some brands do), and in the drawer beneath you put two absorbant cardboard boards instead of pads. The problem with the boards is that the cats tend to urinate in one spot only, so I have to switch the position of the boards after a few days. Worse, once they are soaked with urine, they become tremendously heavy. In theory, the pellets are supposed to last a week to a month, but when you have multiple cats, some of whom are having problems with soft stools, invariably some of the pellets get scooped up with the waste. And the boards get full of urine in a few days. As I was scratching my head wondering what to do, a cat show friend suggested, quite sensibly, that I use absorbant pads instead of the boards. They\'re cheaper, and a lot lighter, even when soaked with urine. The original toilet system I used (the one with the noxious pellets) used absorbant pads--why hadn\'t I thought of that? The greatest advantage is that the pellets are heavy enough that they don\'t get kicked out of the toilet as easily. For a while, I was using a regular toilet and litter made from tofu by-products (now, that\'s Japanese for you!), which was great except that the cats tracked the litter all over the house. I am reasonably satisfied with my current set-up, and notice that a lot of my cat show friends, including breeders with LOTS of cats, use it. It is, however, expensive, especially when you have a multi-cat household. Regarding whether cats in a multi-cat household will use the same toilet or not--they will if they are used to sharing toilets. The kind of toilet doesn\'t seem to matter. As for odor--none of my cats are stool buriers--they live by the creed of drop and run--so there\'s odor no matter what system I use. In theory, they could bury their feces under the pellets if they wanted to. The biggest disadvantage for me is that the middle section of the box, which holds the pellets, has holes so that the urine can go through to the pads or cardboard below. Unless you keep a lot of litter in the box at all times, soft stools can get stuck in the holes and harden, making litter box cleaning a back-breaking chore involving soaking in hot water and cleaning the holes with a brush. Which reminds me...tonight is litter-box cleaning time! Fun! ;c;
  • Rosa CrueyRosa Cruey DoranMember Posts: 499
    edited 23 December, 2008
    Spike, like you, I have a cat who usually doesn\'t cover his. Its usually right there on top. Even when we used the tidy cats litter, it was the same way. So, like you said, odor is there after the leave the box, no matter what system they use. Luckily, both my cats use the same box, although I do plan to add another box in the future.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    edited 24 December, 2008
    Heh heh, right now we have seven litter boxes, which means that my tiny Tokyo apartment looks like a public restroom. Right now, though, aside from the 4 permanent cats, we have Leila\'s Magnificent Seven, who are here until they find new homes. I swear, I spend half my free time cleaning litter boxes...
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