Bed Wetting Bonanza (The Saga Continues)...

Sara KangSara Kang Member Posts: 403
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Dear Catsters, I'm not trying to belabor the point, as I know someone has already asked this question. However, I think Tabifa's situation is unique and complex, so I need help from the Catsperts. My DH and I are at wit's end, as we've been combatting this problem for 5 months now, with no end in sight.... Just a quick background: Tabifa has been peeing on our bed since we adopted her about 5 months ago. We tried World's Best-- but when she continued to pee, we tried Tidy cat Crystals, the 2 Costco brands-- still peeing. We have 3 litterboxes in different areas of the home--Litter Robot, covered one, and regular-- still peeing. We bought the Litter RObot which is as clean as any box can be, plus we disinfect the entire thing once a week-- still peeing. I play with her every night even after working 14 hour days on the bed-- still peeing. My questions are as follows: 1. How do you get Milo, our other kitty, to stop using a box that should only be Tabifa's? We had a regular one and they BOTH kept using it, and not the Litter Robot or the covered one. 2. She has ruined the 4th successive comforter. My DH woke up to soaking wet sheets, and it has already gone through our memory foam mattress. He is less than amused, and is reaching his limits as well. We spray it immediately w/NM and soak it, then clean it immediately in the washer and dryer in super hot water. She continues to pee on the bed even if its the old one she peed on, or the new one like today. 3. I play with her every night for 30 mins. Even when I'm dead exhausted, I play with her. Is she peeing for more attention? Is 30 mins not enough? She won't play with my DH, she doesn't like his playing style. She seems to wait for me and follow me around the house after I get home from work. Are there toys she can play with during the day that would entertain her? I just ordered the cat dancer... 4. If we confine her to a small bathroom with her box, will she learn again not to go on the bed (assuming we get yet another new comforter)? She seems to have been using her litterboxes for pee and poo, just not EVERY time. Are we doomed to giving her a regular box that our dog is DEFINITELY going to get to (this is another problem we've been fighting since she was a puppy- still hasn't gone away) 5. She has gone to the vet. He did a urine dip, and said the results came out "unremarkable." when prodded for an explanation, the vet tech said she is healthy. Does she need a urinalysis or something more complicated? 6. My husband suspects he saw soiled urine in the kitten foster room when he was cleaning out their stuff. But we can't be sure it was Tabitha, or one of the other kittens at that point. Also, we're not sure if it was before or after she was spayed. 7. Could this be a urinary incontinence issue that has to do with some botched spay procedure OR even something hereditary? She seems fine but could her tubes have been fixed incorrectly? I ask b/c after we'd already taken Tabifa there, the clinic we took her to actually ended up having a friend's kitten die on them after surgery... 8. Our inlaws are visiting as of Monday, and despite some hiding, she has come out and hung out. could it be the stress of the new people in the house? They have been home all day so maybe that's why? Any feedback would be appreciated. I have already Googled this question and have garnered some basic tips, but anything you've gained in your experience on this matter would be duly appreciated:) Thanks in advance, Tabifa's concerned Meowm
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