Who Loves Ferals?

Matt WyrickMatt Wyrick Member Posts: 1,116
edited 30 December, 2008 in Behavior & Training
I just saw a thread on another cat forum. Everyone there claimed that a purebred or a kitten from a long line of domesticated cats are better tempered. I've never had anything but feral cats and I find them to be quite lovable kitties. Sure some cats are a lot move docile but to me that just isn't the true nature of a cat. Cats have their pride and if you deny that you might as well get a dog. So who here loves ferals. I sure do.


  • Teresa HawkinsTeresa Hawkins McHenryMember Posts: 415
    edited 24 December, 2008
    Our mom loves them all, and has an especially soft spot for ferals. I was labeled feral when she got me - my cat-mama may have been but I was only a month old when Mom took me to foster.
  • Tara WTara W St. PaulMember Posts: 939
    edited 24 December, 2008
    A human chosen by a feral cat is a very, very special person! I feel honored to be the human to ferals and strays because they chose me!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 27 December, 2008
    I love ferals, too and the people who work with them because they are both very special \'creatures\'. As a former rescue volunteer, I had lots of experience with people who let cats roam free and breed and I know that ferals are that way because of human irresponsibility and uncaring attitudes. People who care for ferals, whether they adopt them or TNR them have a special place in Heaven in my book. They are, in truth, cleaning up other people\'s \"messes\". Yay for all of you, and keep up the wonderful work!
  • Debbie ComtoisDebbie Comtois Member Posts: 23
    edited 30 December, 2008
    I LOVE FERELS ALSO Ebony is a ferral it's hard sometimes.Shes skidish of everything.But very attached to my husband and I.
  • Darlene ColeDarlene Cole ChicagoMember Posts: 23,764 ✭✭✭
    edited 30 December, 2008
    I've never known any personally. But, I know that my mom gets up at an early morning hour to feed a few ferals that come around our apartment. She does that even on the weekends. She gives them wet food and dry and water. She made them a page, so if you guys want to check it out. I've looked out the window and I think they're all pretty cool. But, none so far will come to mom, even the guy she's been feeding for awhile now. Oh well, she said, at least she can give them something to eat.
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