Love/Hate relationship with the dogs!

Debora BaileyDebora Bailey CalgaryMember Posts: 1,076
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OK, so Eeyore was raised by our two dogs, Barkley and Lucky. He developed doggy like characteristics and at times I though he would need therapy to get back in touch with his "kitty" self! Unforetunately Lucky passed away in April 2007, and in the fall we got an 8 week old pup (Saint Bernard) "Snoops". I swear they are in a love/hate relationship. When the Eeyore is resting, Snoops tries to sneak up on him (rather amusing to see a giant 150 pound dog trying to be sneaky!) and then tries to nudge him with his muzzle. Eeyore will hiss and growl, then smack the dogs muzzle around a bit, before taking off to get away. Next, Snoops is snoring away, and is spotted by Eeyore, who has "sneaky" down to a precise science. Eeyore will go right up to Snoops and then smack him across his muzzle, then run to higher ground and begin to groom himself. He can do this in slow motion, as there is a bit of time before Snoops can actually get up. When both dogs get into a wrestling match or play tug, Eeyore will sit on the side lines watching and meowing. If Snoopy's back end comes within reach, he will bit his back leg, or smack him across the paw. Then come the blessed peaceful moments, when all three boys are just laying sleeping within a few inches of each other. Am I right to assume that this is a "love/hate" relationship between Eeyore and the 16 month old pup or is this just plain old playing? BTW....Eeyore used to play for hours with "Lucky", they would chase each other around the house, or get into little wrestling matches.


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    Lol Sounds like a perfectly normal playful relation ship to me. :) I have two cats. 5 year old Poochie who was NOT raised with dogs, and 7 month old Ruby who was. Now, with Poochie, when my 2 month old Husky comes around you can see him tense up and get mean. He'll hiss and claw at him like crazy until the dog goes away, or he finds a safe escape plan. Their relationship is strictly "stay out of my way" ...The dog knows that with this cat, he shouldn't push his cards or he'll end up hurt. No with my other kitten Ruby, its a whole different story. Ruby will be laying down and Rocky will come and bite her on the back of her neck and Ruby will meow as if shes in pain and run away, only to be chased by the dog...but its obvious that he doesn't intentionally try to hurt her. And then Rocky will be fast asleep and Ruby will come out of nowhere, get him in an arm lock and start grooming HIM until she deems him clean, then she'll bite his tail or ears until he gets annoyed and the chasing starts all over again. It may seem slightly hateful...but really its just their playful nature. Real hate relationship, I think, would be like the one between Poochie and Rocky where the cat will have absolutely nothing to do with him. Its almost scary how vicious the cat looks whenever he is brought near the dog. So I don't think you have anything to worry about =;
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