vocal cats at night

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edited 6 January, 2009 in Behavior & Training
Tiny is part Oriental and she is so chatty. normally i dont mind but now in the new home she stays at the door and all night in a loud voice meows her " i want out now" meow. At night they have to stay in my bedroom and they hate it. during the day they are let out into the house while the other cats are in the bedroom (long story, trying to mix my cats with my moms housecats) She also is destroying the carpet next to the door trying to dig her way out and also when the other cats are outside. I tryied blocking the door with boxes at night but she still howls and growls. ive tried ignoring her, ive tryed throwing something soft next to her to scare her, ive tryed a squirt bottle and nothing phases her. She stops for a minute the howls all night. I know she is only doing this so i will pay attention to her and let her out and the ripping of the carpet is her being fusterated at the cats on the other side of the door. what to do! i will never get any sleep and the carpet is in tatters. We are working on trying to get the cats all out in the house together but what can i do before then? Its going to take a while because Tiny full out attacks my moms cats. otherwise, she is good in the house.
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