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What can I do to stop my cat from going under the covers in the middle of the night and attacking my feet/legs? In the past week or so she's become obsessed with scratching at the bedspread until she can get underneath. Sometimes she does this and settles down and we sleep peacefully together. Other times I have to shut her out of the room. It's very distressing to be woken up at 3am with this! Is there anything I can do to either teach her to stop or prevent this? Any insight into why she's doing this? She does love to hide underneath other objects too.


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    If she's ATTACKIng your legs, she may not realize they're part of you. My boycat likes roughhousing. he'll hug our legs and roll and ever-so-gently play bite at your legs to try and get you to play with him. But he never bites hard (more, touching teeth to leg), and never scratches us. But if we wear socks, all bits are off and he'll treat our toes like a stuffed toy. We're working on breaking him of that, but it's a slow process since we don't wear socks so much. My thought owuld be to spend some time in bed with your kitty during day hours. lay or sit in bed, in your pajamas and put her under the covers with you and go "OW" when she bites or scratches your legs. if she persists, you might consider GENTLY kicking towards her when she attacks. The reason I sugget that is not to be cruel, but because cats expect prey to try and escape--move AWAY from them. So it confuses them a bit when their prey comes closer. And, bluntly, if they experence a little discomfort (not pain!!!!) in the process, it's a little more reason for them to not do it again. You might also wear your pajama pants (or whatever you wear below the waist to bed) around the house and help him connect that those are part of you. For me, if the cats are gettign too rambunctious on the bed--attacking my feet, racing over me, fightingwith eachother, etc, I'll end up grabbing a random kitty and pulling them under the covers with me and hugging them for a good 5 minutes, whether they like it or not. But, it is important to note that 3 of my 4 cats I've had since birth, and I am a housewife, so I am frequently at home with them. I've established myself rather well as 'boss' and 'packmate' and none of the kittens, even when furiously annoyed, would think of clawing or biting me intentionally. Accidents happen of course, but intentionally? never. So I have no fear in doing that. She may grow ou of it, anyway... jsut be patient. if you're having a night wherey ou cna't afford to sleep unpeacefully, preemptively lock her out. I end up doing that dome days, even though I love waking up with cats draped on the bed snoozing with me.
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