Advice for catching Huddle!

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Rosita's mom posting here: I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum, but hopefully there will be some advice for me here. I work for the local animal shelter. When it gets really cold, we let a few of the friendlier strays stay in the back area of the building. We have three regulars. One of them is a cat named Huddle, who is quite special for a lot of reasons. Last Saturday, Huddle was outside the shelter, and decided to crawl up into a car engine. We don't really know why, because it wasn't very cold out that afternoon. He wasn't killed, but he was injured and he ran before anyone could catch him. Several of us searched for him for days, and I refused to believe he was dead. A couple of days ago, he was spotted at a feral feeding station near the shelter. Again, he ran from us, and we can see that he is limping on one of his hind legs. I've seen him a couple of times since then. He used to come to my voice, but he's too scared at this point. I'm now trying to trap him - I want to get him to a vet and see the extent of his injuries. Also, it's getting really cold here again and I want to get him inside. So far, he's not set foot into the trap. (Don't worry, it's checked often, and not left overnight, esp. in these temps) I don't know if there is any advice except for patience, but if anyone has any wisdom or ideas to share, I'd love to hear it. As I said, he's pretty special, and I want to get him back to where he's loved and cared for. Thanks in advance!


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    Hi there Rosita. I'm sure you make sure the trap has something on the bottom so Huddle isn't walking on the bars? Also, have you tried something like people tuna or mackeral? Both are really smelly and cats usually go for them. Good luck and hope you can catch him soon. Oh, and do you put something over the trap, like a towel or blankie? To make it look more like a cave than a cage.
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    We are getting closer. I went and picked up the trap last night, and on a whim I drove past the shelter. He was sitting outside, so I drove in part of the way, and walked the rest. He meowed at me several times, and thought about coming to me, but then he took off. This is progress though, because he is getting brave (or cold) enough to come back to the place where he was injured. I set the trap again a little bit ago in the area where I saw him last night. I wrapped it in blankets and used tuna. I will go back in about 45 minutes to check. I think we will get him eventually. I think he wants to come back inside, but he\'s still scared. He is holding up his back right leg and I think it\'s probably broken. Thanks for your advice!
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    Did you manage to catch Huddle yet?
  • Gina GroneGina Grone Beatrice, NebraskaMember Posts: 217
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    No, not yet, unfortunately. I haven't seen him since Friday night. It has snowed and is very cold, so I'm more worried than ever. I will keep trying, and I will keep looking. Thanks for your concern!
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    Huddle is finally back at the shelter and will receive much needed vet care tomorrow! He came back on his own. I've been leaving the back door propped open when I'm working there, just in case. Tonight I went to close it as I was leaving and there he was, already inside. He's hurt, but I think he will be OK. He is truly a survivor.
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    Yea for Huddle!!! So glad that he\'s back where it\'s safe and warm. ~a~:c9~a~:c9
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