Won\'t stay off the counters at night

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HELP! I have five cats and a couple of them get up on the kitchen counter and pee all over. I have tried the ssscat and they work, but I forget to se them all the time. Any other suggestions. I am so tired of cat pee. They also have about four places they pee in the kitchen. I spend at least 15 minutes every morning on pee patrol. Any ideas or suggestions on how to make these little devils quit peeing!!! Meow, Jana


  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
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    Forgive me, mol, but I need a little more info. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Is this something that just started, or has it been going on for awhile? I think this is more of a, why do they pee on the counters, than they won't stay off the counters. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Can you give us a more detailed story? :-k:-k:-k:-k:-k:-k:-k:-k:-k:-k:-k
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    I am getting a microwave above my stove installed because they get up on the counter and pee on it. In fact they will just pee on the counter itself. They peed in a wall socket and caused the socket to trip the circuit breaker. I think they are just marking there territory and are jealous of each other. There are four places in the kitchen they mark. They don't pee a lot, but just enough to make a mess. I have vinyl throughout the house just for that reason. I put a couple SSScat bottles on the counter tonight after I cleaned it. See if this will keep them off. Thanks, Jana
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
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    Search for 'jumping on counters' and you will find many suggestions--but I'm afraid they might just move the p party. Still , go check! Meowma still likes the idea of putting cookir sheets/jelly roll psns full of water all over the counters, so the kitties land in water. And, this method needs no watching. You'd still have wet counters, maybe, but at least not cat-p. Good luck, you need it!
  • Kerri ZimmermanKerri Zimmerman WinnipegMember Posts: 448
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    Have you taken them to the vet to rule out UTI's or illnesses? Cats have a wierd way of telling us they are sick. I would be concerned with UTI's. It could be behavioural and territorial as well. And there are things you can do to relieve the stress level. Check out this thread that may have some ideas for you.... http://www.pets.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=59970 Good luck and let us know how things are going! |^||^|
  • Elease KruegerElease Krueger Member Posts: 483
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    first of all, i'm so sorry!! that sounds like a horrible way to start your morning! |:| ok, so my first suggestion, would be to get everyone fixed (if they're not already)secondly, get a really good enzymatic cleaner like natures miracle or simple solution to clean your counters with. this will help get rid of the underlying smell that your cats can smell even if you can't. by getting rid of the smell, it will be less tempting for them to continue to mark. and thirdly, booby-trap!!! what i found worked really well for my cats when they were getting into things they shouldn't was tape. if you stick it to the counter sticky side up, when they jump up and feel the sticky tape on they're paws they jump right back down cuz they don't like it. another one i've heard is pie plates or cookie sheets filled with water, so that they jump up and land in a puddle of water (hehe). course this will only work if they don't like water :) another one i've heard is putting pop cans on the counter so they jump up and knock them down, then the noise of them hitting the floor startles them. good luck, feel free to pmail me if you have any other questions, or anything :)
  • Sharon MurphySharon Murphy SurreyMember Posts: 1,652
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    My sister's cat Katy used to get on my kitchen counters and I solved the problem by putting sliced lemons on the counter every night. Lemons are cheap and cats don't like the smell. This cured her habit within a couple of days. As for the peeing, I'd be worried about UTI's like was already mentioned here and if these cats need to be neutered, you should do it as soon as you can!
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    Moms going to look up stuff now but I have recently started jumping on the table and the counter at night. Im 3 and have never done this before but I seem to be looking for moms Lucky Bamboo plant which has made me puke twice before. Mom has offered my cat grass but man, i love that lucky bamboo. Even after i threw up where did she find me? on the counter eating more! If someone gets up in the middle of the night i totally freeze untill they turn on the light then i totally run and hide because i know i was bad. Sometimes i just go on the table at night when im playing chase with Jewel. One time dad found a paw print in a dirty pan he left on the stove. In my defense they had made BLT's for dinner and i absolutly bacon and the grease was still pretty tasty as a midnight snack. OMY CAT he was MAD! now mom and dad are OCD about checking the stove before bed to make sure its clean and off.
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    Thanks for all the great suggestions. All of my cats have been spayed. They get up on the counter to mark there territory, not necessarily to pee. I put the SSSCat cans on the counter and pretty well keeps them off. Throughout the day, I show the cats the cans and they cringe. So maybe this will do the trick. I have ordered some enzyme cleaner that should be here this week. I am updating my kitchen, so it will get a good cleaning.=D>=D> Again, thanks! Meow Mr. Tigger\'s mom P.S.. I don\'t get up on the counters, it is my sisters. I am too lazy to jump that high! MOL
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