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Darlene BissonnetteDarlene Bissonnette Katy/HoustonMember Posts: 29
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Mummy says I've been acting out now that I've been living with my new family for almost 3 weeks. I've been growling and hissing at the boys. I live with 3 boy cats and one girl cat and 3 girl Chihuahuas. Mummy says I provoke the situation. If I feel at all threatened I yowl and growl and hiss. I picked a fight with Chica this morning and she almost bit me. I'm front declawed so, Mummy is afraid I might be hurt if I provoke a fray. She bought some treats in PetsMart that are supposed to be calming but, me and Kiwi are the only ones that will eat them. She said there was an herb that was liquid that she used to put in the water that could calm us. She used to use it when she "showed" another cat. She got us Felliway but that doesn't seem to be working very well. She's been spraying us with water to break us up if she thinks we're going to tangle. Tanner and Indigo don't want to leave me alone. They stalk me and I hide. I spent last night under the bookcase in Mummy's office. Mummy told the boys I'm here to stay and she won't tolerate attitude from any of us but, she doesn't really know how to make us get along, If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I can't control myself and I'm afraid of being sent back to the shelter.. even though Mummy says we'll work through this. :n:


  • Sharon MurphySharon Murphy SurreyMember Posts: 1,652
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    Some kitties get along right away and some take a really long time. It was at least 6 months before Sammie and Alaidh got along well enough that I didn't think they hated each least 2 months before they stopped hissing and growling at each other...and Alaidh was only a kitten! If at all possible, give Baby a place where she can get away from the others and have a little peace for part of the day. It seems that this situation just needs a little more time.
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
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    Whenever a new pet is added to the household, there is a re-shuffling of the pecking order. The more "other pets" there are, the longer it takes. She has 7 new personality's to get used to, 3 of which, are dogs. That is not going to happen overnight. :D Being that she came from a shelter, you don't really know what her background is, or what happened to her, or how she was treated. You also don't know what her experience with dogs are. This may be her first interaction with dogs, yes they are small, but they are still dogs. :D She is also declawed. Some cats, no, not all, act differently once they are declawed, and some feel they have no defense. :D And she is estimated 5 yrs old, she may be older. :D Throw all that together, and she prob was not kept seperate when she first came in the household, prob was just let go into the mix, mol, so not surprising, she has not adjusted, after only 3 weeks. :D With kittens coming in, it can take them a good 10-14 days to adjust, and thats kittens, that have not even come from a shelter. :D Kittens I do different, but a new adult coming into the household, should be kept in a very large cage, not carrier, but one that has bars all around it. This way, the new adult has a safe secure place. She can see and sniff the other pets, but they cannot get to her, so less stressful, than just getting thrown into a mix. :D Put her catbox, food, water, soft blankets, clean ones, new toys, that are hers. After a few days, put in a blanket/bed that has the others scent on it, as well as some of their toys. Put one of her blankets/toys out for the others to sniff. :D Pet her, praise her, talk to her, in front of the other pets, and vice versa. Belive it or not, the new pet, takes their "direction" from the other pets behavior wise, and human reaction wise. :D If the other pets, act up, do not behave, are timid/scared, not respectful of the human/humans, thats how she will react and act. :D Kittens learn socialization from their mothers, and when brought into a new household, continue to learn, from the other cats/pets. :D You don't know how she was treated as a kitten, what she learned, or didn't learn, or even how she was treated/handled by humans. :D Its never to late to start over, re-train, per say, her. Hope this helps, give it time, and be patient with her. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • Darlene BissonnetteDarlene Bissonnette Katy/HoustonMember Posts: 29
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    Baby came from a household that had a dog. She went into another household that had 2 cats and a dog. So, she has been exposed to other dogs and cats in the household. What really concerns me is she got long fine the second week she came here. She was quarantined for upper respiratory for the first 10 days. After she was let out of my spare room and she recovered, everybody was curious about her. I think they treated her as a guest or something. Now everyone knows she's staying, it seems like they're trying to put her in her place. My two oldest boys are the first to get into the fray if she looks at them the wrong way. Kiwi, my youngest boy, doesn't seem to care at all, but he is the one who is eating the calming treats. He never really showed any aggression toward her to begin with. The dogs seem to like her and she them. Tanner is my oldest boy. He's four. Indigo is almost four. He turns four in March. Spookie is going to be six in May. She is far from being Alpha because she's the female and Tanner lets her know it. It's almost like Baby is demanding respect because she's the elder and the oldest boys refuse to grant it to her. My Vet says they're all competing for my attention and affection although I treat them all the same. There are no favorites in this household or I'd have more problems. I've caught her just screaming at Tanner and Indigo and they were just staring at her from across the room. It's almost the same as when you take two siblings on a road trip in the back seat of the car and somebody starts yelling, "Mummy he's staring at me.!! Make him stop.!!" I'm hoping they'll all get over it. I've never experienced this because every animal I've brought in was very young. Baby is the first adult cat introduced to this household. She's also the oldest now. She's senior to Spookie and she seems to like her.
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    one cat staring at another is a VERY aggesive staement. No wonder baby is reacting that way. My suggestion would be too separate the 2 trouble makers (if she is getting on fine with every one else). Sometimes what cats do hold way more meaning in the pecking order than we realise. It may look innocent to us but it is very threatning to them. Did you ever notice that an acctually, unholy mother of all things unnatural cat fight, always stats with a stare down?
  • Darlene BissonnetteDarlene Bissonnette Katy/HoustonMember Posts: 29
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    Oh, I believe they follow a leader when it comes to behavior. Little Indy never bothers anyone, but being that he's Tanner's little boy, Indy picks on Baby, too. It's more like they're waiting on a reaction from her. What concerns me is how far they might go because she is declawed and they aren't
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