How to get cats to get along?

Sheila OlsonSheila Olson North BendMember Posts: 2
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Since we got the kittens, we have kept them downstairs and the big cats upstairs. I wish I could say they got along, but every time I put the kittens and big cats together, the kittens get growled and hissed at by the big cats. I\'m not sure how to get them like each other. Is this normal behavior and do I need to worry about the kittens getting attacked? I feel like we can\'t bring them together just yet. Our siamese is getting over her cold, but after that we\'ll try to gradually work the kittens in. So far from what we\'ve seen, they don\'t do anything too aggressive. Just swatting here and there when it comes to physical contact. Though we are not sure about our siamese. She hisses, but we wonder if she\'ll get violent when confronted with the new kittens. She\'s very moody of course and absolutely cannot stand change. I also would like to mention that my husband and I live in a two story house with the in-laws because we can\'t afford a place of our own yet. We are have been trying to sell the house, but the economy is so bad right now. My in-laws big cats stay upstairs and sleep with them, while our kittens stay downstairs and sleep with each other, right on top of each other. I\'ve never been comfortable sleeping with cats in the room, anyways. At some point I hope to get them to get along and mingle around the house together.


  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 28 January, 2009 Try going to the above site. It\'s the most extensive article on introducing cats I\'ve ever read. And, keep in mind that most cats don\'t like kittens. After a while, mamma cats don\'t even like their OWN kittens much less someone else\'s. Cats are also all about territory and even though you live downstairs, your in-laws cats consider where you and the fur kids are their territory. Try swapping out bedding once in a while. Maybe if the big kitties smell the little kitties more often, they\'ll get more used to the arrangement.
  • Candice MyerscoughCandice Myerscough Member Posts: 8
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    we have had so many stray's and rescue cats move in we found the best way was to leave the door ajar so the kittens could come out if they wanted the others didn't tend to go in. We found putting them near the others deliberately did lead to growling and the potential for fur to fly . They never all became hugh friends but they all tolerated each other and had their own places to go.Having just moved from england to Switzerland by car we are just getting over the this is my hiding place and i wont come out back from the kitten era 14 years on. So no doubt it will all start again when you move (it does get easier)
  • Carrie JohnsonCarrie Johnson Iowa CityMember Posts: 230
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    I have a similar problem. I just moved in with my roommate with my two cats. She also has a cat. My two cats get along great and Ollie even likes to follow my roommates cat (Muffin around) But Muffin hates them. When we first brought them together, he would hiss and hiss and hiss and even bat at my cats. Since then, my roommate has kept him seperate from mine, in an area blocked off. Every once in a while, he will get out and although he still hisses at mine, he seems to have warmed up a little. Do you think that keeping them seperate is a bad idea? I kind of think that the more they are together the more he will adjust and eventually be fine, but keeping them seperate he is unable to get comfortable with them. I'm not worried about them fighting. One of my kitties has claws but she never uses them and even when Muffin (who is declawed) has batted at her she doesn't bat back. Also, it took a while for Panda and Ollie to warm up to eachother but now they are best friends. Any advice? thanks :)
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