Cat Pregnant??

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We rescued a cat from the park about a month ago and took her to the vet when she got sick and stopped eating. She was given two shots to stimulate eating and some antibiotics. She got better, and now she is getting fatter. She walks low to the ground and seems to be squatting a lot. How can you tell if a cat is pregnant? We have not spayed her yet, but she has not been around any males since we took her in, and has been kept in the house. If she got pregnant, it was before we rescued her. Any information would be appreciated.


  • DONNA KELLY-BIRCHDONNA KELLY-BIRCH kenoshaMember Posts: 1,018
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    It\'s not easy to tell if a cat is pregnant unless you have seen it before or have a cat that was in heat and is now not plus had access to males. The best thing to do would be to take her back to the vet and see what they think. Otherwise, a cat\'s pregnant belly is usually firmer than just a fat belly and is very \"buldgie\" - out the sides as well as down low. The last week or so, you will be able to occasionally see babies moving when Mama is laying around resting. When birth gets close, most Mama\'s will snoop out a quiet out-of-the-way place to have the babies. Some get more affectionate and want you with them and some prefer to be alone. Let us know what happens. If she is pregnant she should be eating kitten food and you should prepare a place for her to give birth. Also, you should read up on cat birth and be prepared for anything that could go wrong. Good Luck!!
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    Thank you, Quincy. We have named this cat, Miley. Her tummy is very HARD! She does have a bit of a bulge, more to the outside, and just a hard under belly. She snoops around the house a lot, and rubs her face on almost everything. She also likes rolling around on her back and stretching a lot. I still see her squat quite a lot, and is more vocal than when we first rescued her. We have been feeding her Purina Friskies Signature Blend, as that is what mom feed her every day at the park before we were able to rescue her. Her diet is very good and she drinks a lot. We just don't know if she is expecting or not. Thank you for the advice and suggestions.
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    Look at her nipples. After about three weeks of gestation, the nipples \"pink\" and become enlarged. Having said that, a vet check is a must. And, as the other poster said, IF she is pregnant, giving her kitten food (extra-nutritious) is a must. My Leila\'s kittens were the result of a tryst with a stud cat, and we knew to the day when she would give birth. (Actually, she was one day early...) But check the nipples, and see your vet. If you have gone to the trouble of rescuing this cat, you should also be giving her vet checks, whether or not she is pregnant. I had various neonatal tests for Leila in order to determine that she was fit to be bred. I also had her revaccinated and dewormed--just to make sure. And I will conclude by saying that you MUST find good homes for the kittens (assuming that your cat is pregnant). Anyway, first go to the vet, and then, if she is indeed pregnant, take our advice. And let us know how things go!
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    From how you are describing her actions it almost sounds like she is in heat. I would take the advice of others and visit your vet to be sure. Good luck.
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