Mom wants to know: Any tips on how to keep a collar on me??

Keysha AugustineKeysha Augustine Walnut RidgeMember Posts: 25
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Mom wants me to wear a collar becuase we travel a lot and she's afraid I will get lost, or we might have an accident. I think the collar is stupid and annoying!! She puts it on, I take it off, I hide it under the bed. She finds it and puts it on again, I take it off and hide it in the laundry. She finds it and puts it on again....(You get the idea) She wants to know how to keep it on me!! (please don't tell her!!)


  • April BennettApril Bennett Terre HauteMember Posts: 97
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    At first I didn\'t like my collar either, but now I am used to it. My mom just put it on tightly enough that I couldn\'t take it off, then once I got used to it and stopped fighting it she loosened it. Now it only comes off for bath time, and she puts it back on after I\'m dry. Hope this helps. You might also want to try having her distract you with treats and toys right after she puts it on you, so that you forget it\'s there.
  • Keysha AugustineKeysha Augustine Walnut RidgeMember Posts: 25
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    Mom says that she'll try that!! She says thanks a lot!
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    Until you are used to wearing a collar, your mom needs to make sure that it\'s tight enough that you can\'t get it off or get it stuck in your mouth. If she can slide two fingers between the collar and your neck, it\'s loose enough, even though you\'ll try to convince her that you\'re being strangled.
  • Nichole DwyerNichole Dwyer Member Posts: 2,118
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    Hi Mojo I hated my first collar too.I would pull it off and hide it too.But my mom got me a new collar from Petsmart it was kinda scrunhy material and it was a cute bow on it.It is a safty collar.And she put a ID tube on it.And I can not get it off and I don't try.Hope it helped.Good luck! I am wearing it in my picture with my blue birthday hat. Love Milton
  • Lina ZúñigaLina Zúñiga LimaMember Posts: 12
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    hehehe well I just hide my own collar after using it for a while... XD mom has no idea where did I put it, and its the best for me... she choosed one with a ringbell on in and I was getting mad to find where was the sound coming until I realised that it was me, I used for a while but I was just waiting until it got loosen up and take it away from me... now mommy is looking for it, and thinking in a differnt kind of collar since I dont fancy the ringbell... she only puts that on me because she thinks it enhances my beauty... but come on I'm enough handsome without it... so I expect she will forget about it.. :D
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