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Food for Crystals

Audrey DurninAudrey Durnin Member Posts: 936
edited 18 May, 2009 in Food & Nutrition
Okay, as some of you know Tim has had several issues with crystals. Now I know he needs to be fed wet food to help flush them out. I went today and picked up some Blue Buffalo grain free wet food. It's 1.00 a can which kinda sucks. I was wondering if it would be good to feed the canned and feed a grain free dry kibble and maybe put some water on that when he eats it? I know that all wet is better, but would wet and dry w/moisture be a pretty good alternative? Thoughts?


  • SammySammy Member Posts: 3,391
    edited 17 May, 2009
    Hi Tim, We suggest you avoid dry food completely, especially if you\'ve already got crystals. How about getting some cheaper wet foods such as Friskies?
  • Audrey DurninAudrey Durnin Member Posts: 936
    edited 17 May, 2009
    So any wet food, even if it's not as good of quality, is still better than doing some dry? That would definitely be easier to afford and more convenient!
  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 17 May, 2009
    Tim you cannot be on dry food period, unless you want to have problems. Also note that although the cooking process kills bacteria in the ingredients, the final product can pick up more bacteria during the subsequent drying, coating, and packaging process. Some experts warn that getting dry food wet can allow the bacteria on the surface to multiply and make pets sick. Do not mix dry food with water, milk, canned food, or other liquids. I will give you a list of cheaper foods to feed, but they are Wet only, and note only certain flavours. Whiskas Savory Ground pate - Chicken dinner, Mealtime, Bits 0 beef, Turkey and Giblets,( not Whiskas in gravy) The savory ground is vegetable and grain free. 9 Lives - Chicken dinner, Chicken and Tuna dinner, Turkey dinner, Chicken & Seafood dinner, Liver &Bacon Dinner, Prime grill with Beef. Friskies- Supreme Supper, mixed grill, Country style dinner, Poultry platter, Turkey and Giblets dinner. Pro Plan- Adult Chicken& liver entree, adult Turkey & Giblets entree.
  • Audrey DurninAudrey Durnin Member Posts: 936
    edited 17 May, 2009
    Okay, thanks for the responses. I'm not trying to be annoying just trying to figure out how to deal with the problem. I will definitely be able to buy a mixture of wet foods. Do you usually give your cats the whole can at once? Tim ate MAYBE half of the little can. Also, do you refrigerate it after it's been opened? Tim is feeling much better since he's been on the meds!!:)
  • SammySammy Member Posts: 3,391
    edited 17 May, 2009
    Definitely refrigerate any uneaten wet food. There are 2 of us cats in this house, so Mom usually puts out an entire can for us in the morning, another can for dinner. Some people will say to put away anything that is not eaten within 1/2 hour, but we tend to graze and like small meals spaced out throughout the day. If Mom is home, like on the weekends, she will portion out smaller amounts more often so the wet food stays fresh. If she is heading off to work and gone for 10-12 hours, she will tend to leave out more. We think you will feel much better with the wet food - hope you are feeling better soon, Tim! :D
  • Sherry StoneSherry Stone Member Posts: 526
    edited 18 May, 2009
    If you refrigerate the food, just make sure to bring it back up to room temp again before serving it. A lot of cats can't eat it straight from the fridge. With mine, it can actually make them throw up when it's too cold.
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