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Ok I like straws, the plastic ones from drive thru drinks. I like taking them off the cups and chewing on them. Plastic bags are like heaven to me. I tried eating a a plastic lei from a luau my owner attended. I also like those plastic things at the end of the shoe laces. I get fed enough ... what should my owners do? why am i addicted to plastic things? :r:-/


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    Molie, some cats have something called Pica. It's an urge to eat inappropriate things. I chew fabric. I've eaten through fabric toys (which is why mommy never leaves them out anymore), a cat dancer, and I've partially eaten every shoelace in the house. Eventually, I started trying to chew collars too, and ended up with a piece of Boris' collar (Boris is the big cat I live with) lodged in my intestine. I had to have it removed at the vet, it was pretty costly. The only advice I can give you is prevention. Mom got pretty smart after all this happened. No more collars for us, no small pieces of fabric or fabric toys I can swallow, and I have been banished from the closet where the shoes live. Whenever I show any interest in eating something that is not food, mommy immediately takes it away from me. There's really no other way to make sure I am safe.
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    Aside from the issue of pica, which could include eating anything that is not \"food,\" some cats--maybe even many cats--have a plastic fetish. Harvey doesn\'t eat plastic bags, but he licks and chomps on them. I\'ve checked this on the Internet--even though cats aren\'t supposed to sense sweetness, the plastic apparently gives them a sweetness high...look it up for yourself. It makes no sense, but many cats love plastic. Harvey is okay because he just licks and chomps, but if your cat is INGESTING the plastic, that\'s a problem. Go to the vet. I haven\'t had a problem with cats eating anything inappropriate except the occasional shoelace and the fur covers on mousie toys from China, but ingestion of odd items, as Gracie has pointed out, can cause death. Keep anything your cat wants to eat in the closet or cupboard. That\'s really the only solution. And go to the vet if Kitty eats something it shouldn\'t. When my previous cats--brother and sister--ate those plastic wrappings on artificial cheese, they had to go the vet. They lived, didn\'t need surgery, but it was a medical crisis. You are not alone. But I recommend vet care.
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