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adult weight?

Katina JacobsonKatina Jacobson SoldotnaMember Posts: 2,302
edited 12 August, 2009 in Kitten Corner
Is there any way to tell adult weight by a kittens weight? I mean I know theres nothing that can be completely accurate but if theres anything that gives you an idea? I was just curious how big Sabre is most likely to get. He is 10 weeks today and weighs 3.6 lbs


  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
    edited 7 August, 2009
    An average sized cat usually gains about 1 pound per month and that slows down a bit as they get older. So 3.6 pounds at 10 weeks is bigger than average and he'll probably grow to be a big cat.
  • Katina JacobsonKatina Jacobson SoldotnaMember Posts: 2,302
    edited 7 August, 2009
    thanks for the reply! I think his dad was about 14 lbs, so Im curious whether he will be that, or if theres a possibilityt of him getting bigger? I know with dogs they usually dont weight more than the dad but then Ive seen dogs that are biggeer then both their parents so Im curious whether that happens with cats too. When I looked it up I found a lot of 2-3 lb averages for this age. I just cant believe how big he is! Im also curious because Im switching him over to raw and I sort of need an estimate of his adult weight so I know how much to feed him.
  • Chrysee HinshawChrysee Hinshaw Member Posts: 474
    edited 7 August, 2009
    I don't know anything about Bengals to guess what their normal adult weight would be, but since he is a kitten he needs to eat however much he wants. You do not need to strictly portion his food until he is a year old, particularly if he is going to grow into a very large cat.
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
    edited 8 August, 2009
    Oh, I just realised you were a pedigree bengal. I think going by the size of his dad is a good guide since its a pretty good bet that his dad was well fed and reached his full size. When I answered before I was thinking about mixed breed cats and the father is almost always a mystery! We kept Sassy's kitten Xena who ended up quite a bit bigger than Sassy, but I've no idea who her father was or how big he was. Plus Sassy was a stray when I took her in with her kittens so she may have not reached her full size because of early motherhood. I just checked out Sabre's pics and he's super cute
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 8 August, 2009
    It's Stella. Even though I am now the smallest cat in this household--how did that happen?!--I am larger than my mother and father. My mother was tiny, probably did not weigh much more than 7 pounds, and my dad, who is a local tom cat, marked very much like me, is also thinner. We know that Momcat was well fed when she was pregnant with us, although our person could not tell that she was pregnant, and as soon as we showed up for feedings, we got lots of KMR and cat food. Good nutrition can trump breeding when you are dealing with the offspring of feral cats! Delyte was always kind of a big long cat and now he has regained some weight after being treated for his thyroid. These two kittens, the offspring of my Momcat and ???? are huge--Fluff may weigh as much as 15 pounds and Queenie about 13. Sometimes we wonder if their dadcat is a bobcat! :-k Fluff was almost as big as his mother at 3 mos. old.
  • Amanda StarAmanda Star VictoriaMember Posts: 221
    edited 9 August, 2009
    Wow, 3.6lbs at only 10 weeks? He's going to be a big boy! Quetzal was baaaarely 2lbs at 10 weeks, more like 1.9, and now as an adult he only weighs 8lbs. But he was also neutered at only 8 weeks, and contracted a severe case of giardia right after I adopted him (which caused him to lose a lot of weight at the time), and those two factors probably stunted his growth. It could depend on if/when you plan to get Sabre neutered, because the longer a developing tom is left entire the more likely he'll get larger and bulkier (and get those big chubby cheeks that entire toms get!).
  • Carrie JohnsonCarrie Johnson Iowa CityMember Posts: 230
    edited 12 August, 2009
    oh, wow. big kitty! lucy and panda were only 2 pounds at 10 weeks, panda is full grown at only 7 pounds now. sabre is adorableeeee :) i want a bengal one day
  • Katina JacobsonKatina Jacobson SoldotnaMember Posts: 2,302
    edited 12 August, 2009
    I have never had a kitten so heavy at this age! Hes a little over 3.75 now, Im thinking he could hit 4 lbs by 12 weeks! He even surprised my dad. We brought him over and my dad picked him up and almost dropped him because he wasnt expecting him to be heavy!! mol!
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