How much food to feed the little guy???

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Hi! I have been looking online to find this answer and have found a variety of different answers to my one question - so I'm turning to those of you who have had experience hand feeding baby kittens. I hope that you can help me. Here's the issue...Niblet is only 4.5 weeks old right now. For the past week I've been feeding him every three hours, approximately 11-13ml of formula. According to the can of KMR, he needed to get at least 130ml a day of milk. If he seemed hungrier, I'd go ahead and just give him a little more. Now we're starting to mix in some ground Science Diet kitten food with his formula to make a cereal, which he's eating with mucho gusto - yum yum! :c9 The ratio that we're mixing is 15ml of formula with 1.5 tsp or so (we're being generous in our scooping) dry ground kibble. He's geting this every 5 hours now, instead of every three. His little poos have firmed up quite nicely with the introduction of the solid foods and he seems very satisfied and happy. What I usually do is mix up the crumbs and the little bit of milk that's left with a little bit of water at the end of meal time and I feed that to him as well. If he's still hungry, I put a little bit of the dry ground kitten food on the plate and he seems happy to eat that up. When I try to give him plain water, he kind of makes that cute, tiny, stinky kitty face so I've been mixing the water with a little formula and that seems to work pretty well - if it's not too much water, he drinks it up. I'm trying to cover all the bases and keeping him hydrated properly as well...I figure he will use the litter box if he's had too much to drink, right? (If this is wrong, please please let me know. I also leave a little bowl with a very shallow amount of water in it (lest he fall asleep face first and drown - I keep it really shallow) so he has water at his disposal to drink if he needs it. All this said, my question is general, how MUCH should he be getting to ensure proper nutrition. I don't want to overfeed him or underfeed him. Is there a general rule of thumb to what volume of food should be given for any age/weight range of baby kittens? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Have a great day!
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