Flying to our new home in Oct Need Advice!

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My mum and I will be moving from our home here in Edmonton (where she rescued me in the spring) to Medicine Hat where we will have a lot more room to romp around in - and it will be a lot quieter than it is here too! Yayyy! As im a new addition to my mum shes a lil bit worried about our plane flight out as shes never flown with a kitty cat before. I tell her ill be fine but she dont listen lol I love my carrier, and am good walking on my leash; however, as most torties do, i talk a lot even when im happy so shes worried i might talk louder and more when we fly outta here. I got my faaaaaaavoritest blankie in my kennel (it smells like my momma) - mum knows to have some treats and water (can you take dasani on the plane?) and maybe my favoritest toy too. Ill be making a trip to the vet before we go to get the paperwork from the vet and talk to them about flying - but i know shell feel better if we get some advice from some other flying pros. Ive never gone in a car or anywhere with momma yet! im excited! she went to see her human family for 10 days in July and boy i missed her but my caretaker was nice. I knew she was going tho even before she told me lol She says ill be riding up front in the cabin with her thankfully i hear that cargo is a scary place to be! We also have a 2 hour layover in Calgary so its a 4 hr trip and we have to be there around 4 hrs prior to flight. Which will make for a long day for me she thinks! So if any of you frequent flyers have any advice that might help my momma thatd be awful nice! purrrrr! |/a/|


  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    For flights, most vet recommend that you take some mild sedative, which they usually prescribe for you. As your carrier (and you in it) would be inspected during an airport screening, that minimizes the chance that you will freak out about being handled by strange people, and decide to "escape" to safety. It will also make you less chatty in the cabin (most people don't mind a traveler who has a cat in tow, but they prefer it when the pet in the cabin is quiet as a mouse, so you want to avoid complaints from other passengers). We were prescribed meds the last time we were traveling by car, but mom never ended up using them (we do ok traveling by car). When you go in for your wellness check before your move out date, tell mommy to discuss sedation for you.
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