Affordable Flea Medicine?

Lily Kintzley-AbbottLily Kintzley-Abbott SpringfieldMember Posts: 9
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Hey everyone! Mom wants to know if anybody can recommend an affordable flea treatment for myself and my sister, Flicker. We're both less than 10 pounds, and she knows Advantage is supposed to be good, but she's hoping there may be something cheaper to use at least temporarily since she and dad are going through job troubles. Safety is very important to her though, so she'd like to hear from somebody who knows its safe from experience. I have seven kittens that I'm still nursing so its important that it be safe for them too (they will just be getting baths with diluted baby shampoo, as they are still too young for anything). Thanks!


  • Roxann RobbinsRoxann Robbins Member Posts: 3,268
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    Here\'s where mommy gets her flea meds. They ship fast and you can get Advantage for 10 kitties for $19.99 plus free shipping. It\'s the real meds (they have Frontline, too) they just send a big doggie packette, a neat little transfer bottle, a pre-marked pipette and instructions. (Doggie dose is same strength med just more of you divvy it up!) We likey! Biscuit
  • emma clarkeemma clarke Nottingham Robin Hood CountryMember Posts: 6,819
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    What I would say is that you get what you pay for with this sort of thing. Please don't buy those kind of flea treatments you get from the pet store or from pet aisle on the supermarket, like Hartz products. Firstly, they don't even work and secondly, they use the crudest types of pesticide which pets are more likely to have a bad reaction to than the stuff you get from the vets like Frontline, Advantage etc. A friend of ours just used Bob Martin Spot on Flea treatment on her dog (in the UK, it's a brand you can pick up in the supermarket, like Hartz) and he had a very bad reaction. Thankfully he survived but some don't. Her vet told her that these brands you find in stores are not subject to the same kinds of safety testing that veterinary flea treatments are.
  • Dawn HarmanDawn Harman SpeedwellMember Posts: 1,079
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    This is what my Mom does, she gets the Advantage for a 62lb lab, we have one.. The Advantage has a cap that can be replaced on top. But you must put another piece of plastic like a ziplock bag between the cap and the tip so there is a tighter seal. Than you can shake the Advantage and and you can apply 3 to 4 drops to each cat. This way you save money. It s the exactly the same as the cat. This will save you a lot of money.
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    NEVER EVER EVER EVER use flea medicine that is meant for a dog, on a cat! Cats are much different biologically from dogs, and a flea medicine meant for a dog can kill a cat! Also avoid store-bought Flea/Tick preventatives like the plague! This includes anything by Hartz, BioSpot, and Seargeant's. All have poor track records and histories of poisoning and killing cats and dogs.
  • Dawn HarmanDawn Harman SpeedwellMember Posts: 1,079
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    I totally agree Chloe, I did ask my vet about this. She told me it was the same thing in this insistence. I would NEVER recommend ANYTHING for cats that would hurt them, let alone kill them.
  • Meghan SMeghan S Rosslyn, VAMember Posts: 82
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    We use Frontline and we get it from our vet because they usually run sales like "buy a pack and get two extra applications packages". So maybe a vet in your area does the same?
  • Dawn HarmanDawn Harman SpeedwellMember Posts: 1,079
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    Tks for that Tabitha, as a matter of fact I had gotten a message from Banfield that they are doing that right now. I think you can also print out a coupon here for Advantage that can be used there. As a matter of fact, here it is; I was checking out other posted and it was on there.
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