Does your kitty like water?

Aureza de VimiloAureza de Vimilo Member Posts: 20
edited 11 October, 2009 in Behavior & Training
Mine does. When I got her I knew she was well-behaved and receptive, and then I discovered she loves water! It started when she followed people to the bathroom and not just me (meowmy). I thought she was guarding her litterbox at first but when someone flushes or opens the faucet, she's right there leaning up, face and all! It's so adorable although a little weird sitting on the toilet and trying to pee with two little paws and her head between your legs peering down. :))! And when I give her a bath she just goes sit on the bathroom floor while I wet her up and lather her with her soap. I'm quite amazed how fast she learns and how really behaved she is. Although, I had to set the squirty with it's highest water pressure since she enjoys the soft spray. Too cute though! Does your kitty like water too?


  • Niki WoodsNiki Woods ManchesterMember Posts: 27
    edited 1 October, 2009
    I always follow mummy into the bathroom but it\'s more curiosity than anything. I also watch her have a shower but I definitely dont like to get wet! She has caught me in the sink and in the bath before now (while they were empty of course) and I will drink from running taps on occasion, but that\'s about it - unless there is a fish tank involved, then I will shove as much of my arm in the water as possible!! :))
  • Heather FishelHeather Fishel Member Posts: 3
    edited 2 October, 2009
    My kitty loves water too - I thought he was so weird! He's hopped in the shower with me before and played with the falling water; he also hops up on the counter when I'm using the sink and wants me to leave the water running so he can get in the bowl and play with the water. It's the silliest thing ever.
  • Joy SuJoy Su Member Posts: 90
    edited 2 October, 2009
    Taz hates water but one of my coworkers has a kitty that she says absolutely LOVES to play in water. She leaves a plastic tub full of water for him in her shower so he can splash around in it and make as big of a mess as he wants without it getting all over her apartment!
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 2 October, 2009
    Might you perchance be related to this cat? Mom was like ":))!:))!:))!:))!" And I've been like "::o What's wrong with this guy?" Gracie was all like ":-k. Maybe I should try that?" Gracie is curious about the shower around here, and she does like water in general, so long as it's theoretical, or sprayed from a water bottle. OTOH, she really did hate the one bath she got as a kitten... and she's been faucet phobic since. :(
  • Tara McLennanTara McLennan Member Posts: 17
    edited 3 October, 2009
    Marie LOVES water. Everytime she hears the toilet flush she runs to the bathroom sink and waits for whoever was in the toilet to come and wash their hands. She then puts her head underneath the tap and splashes around. She also likes to sit on the edge of the bath/shower.
  • Laura CahillLaura Cahill MissoulaMember Posts: 267
    edited 4 October, 2009
    Piso loves water too! That's how I picked him at the shelter. He was in an office (because he would not stay in a cage) drinking water with his paw and that sealed the deal. Once home he too would follow me in the bathroom and constantly jump up on the sink when anyone was standing near to drink out of the faucet. We had to train him not to, it was really annoying, so he has two mugs of water on the window sills.
  • Aureza de VimiloAureza de Vimilo Member Posts: 20
    edited 5 October, 2009
    Rie's jumping on the back of the bowl on her own accord now, even when someone's using it! Her daddy says I should already toilet train her since she's so inclined to it. Any tips?
  • JENNIFER BERGERONJENNIFER BERGERON Rockford, IllinoisMember Posts: 2,125
    edited 6 October, 2009
    Cheebah likes to sit on the edge of the bathtub while I am taking a bath. She likes to bat her paw at the bubbles! I also catch her playing in the dogs\' water dish all the time. She takes a piece of their kibble, drops it in the water dish, bats it around for a while, and then eats it! However, she does NOT like getting wet!!
  • Rebecca NowakRebecca Nowak Orange County, NYMember Posts: 1,397
    edited 7 October, 2009
    Shade loves the water too! Ever since I got him a year ago, he\'s come running to see the toilet flush. Last year I had to pick him up to see, now he is a hulking monster who can drape himself over the seat and down to the water on his own to dip his paws in. He loves to help me brush my teeth, makes spitting toothpaste hard! He also loves chasing ice cubes around, but it freaks the cats out if you put them in the water bowl! He\'s loves to stick his paws around the shower curtain when I\'m taking a shower, but he\'s never quite come in all the way. Oh, and this summer he tried to run through the kids sprinkler.
  • Jennifer OliverJennifer Oliver Seattle, WaMember Posts: 18
    edited 7 October, 2009
    I dont like water not at all one bit! but my mewomas old cat was part persian and she LOOOOVED water. Meowma tells me she used to come running if mewoma ran water for a bath and would even sit on the edge of the tub with her tail swishing in it or even climb up on to her chest and take a snooze while meowma had a soak in the tub lol Wont see meeee do taht nope no sirreeee! lol
  • Aureza de VimiloAureza de Vimilo Member Posts: 20
    edited 11 October, 2009
    Rie's Meowma: Training Rie to use the toilet now. It'll take a few days or weeks but I know she'll like it cause she likes the flush at the end!
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