Why us Cats Should be Kept Safely Within our RV

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Our chauffeurs just wrote this. Make sure your's read it too so they keep you safe. While the following points are true for home, RVers have the added fear of their pet not returning when it is time for them to pull up stakes and leave. How can you leave without them but you must? How can you leave and not know if they are OK?. Who will feed them? Will an animal traumatize them? It is a nightmare scenario we all dread. A nightmare that the Kitty Kat Kabana Pet Add-A-Room avoids while still letting your pet enjoy the outdoor views and fresh air. Cat lovers KNOW indoor cats are safer cats. Indoor cats live an average of 14 years while an outdoor cat averages just 4 years. An Indoor Cat is Relatively Safe from Communicable Disease. Cats that are free to roam outdoors invariably come into contact with other cats. Any contact can transmit parasites, such as fleas or ringworm along with more serious diseases such as Feline Infectious Peritonitis or Feline Distemper. Indoors Cats do Not get Hit by Cars. More cats are killed by cars than are euthanized. Indoor Cats are Safe from Predators and Dog Attacks. Outdoor cats are low in the predatory food chain and are easy pickings for owls, raptors, coyotes and even native big cats. Dogs consider cats fair game, especially when they are in a pack. Even a cat with its claws is at great risk and if declawed …… Indoor Cats do Not Create Neighbour Problems. Cats like to explore and will venture into neighbour yards and use gardens as litter boxes. Neighbour problems are amplified in RV parks where there is little space. Indoor Cats Rarely Get Abscesses from Fighting. Cats are territorial and will defend their territory to the death if challenged by another cat. These fights often result in abscessed wounds. Indoor Cats are Safe from Human Abuse. Free roaming cats are easy targets for gangs of youths with too much time on their hands and cat haters. Indoor Cats are Not a Danger to Wildlife. Cats are natural predators and will kill birds and small wild life if allowed to roam free outdoors. Indoor Cats do Not Get Lost. This is a critical concern to RVers who cannot stay in one place for long periods of time hoping their family pet returns.


  • Sue PercivalSue Percival Member Posts: 153 ✭✭
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    Good information..We read this over on the Open Roads pet forum. Indoor cats can sneak out of a stick house or RV. We have ours Micro chipped plus they have collars with their name and rabies tags:)
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    Cool item -- we'll have to check it out. We're new to RVing, and are still figuring things out, though daddy's first order of business was modifications for a place for our litter boxes. He put in a door to one of the bottom compartments. So far, we also like to hide in there while we're moving. I'm brave though, and come out and ride on the couch or mommy's lap.
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