Do you think this kitty is part Maine Coon?

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Okay, this is written from my owner\'s perspective, here\'s what she has to say: About a year and a half ago, I adopted my orange cat, Nicki, from a shelter. He was four months old then, and looked pretty much like a regular domestic kitten, except for big paws and slightly longer fur. But when he grew up I noticed some pretty big differences between Nicki and other cats I\'ve known. By now, his fur is so long it sometimes looks like a \'ruff\' around his neck. His tail is very thick and fluffy, especially at the base. And his body shape is strange: About as tall as most other cats, but very long and \'stretched out\' looking. When he walks, it looks like the two halves of his body are moving independently. :) Even though he doesn\'t weigh very much, he looks really large. Even the vet calls him a \"big boy\". Nicki loves going outside more than anything else in the world. When he was a kitten, I tried keeping him indoors, but it just didn\'t work. He ducked my spray bottles, slipped through doors, and once jumped through my bedroom window! He\'s an amazing hunter, and often brings home little \'presents\'. (Mice, rats, birds, moles, even full-size rabbits!). And he can go out for hours in the middle of winter, even when it\'s below freezing outside. Recently, a family friend of ours got a purebreed orange Maine Coon. I visited a few days ago, and realized that their cat is like a more \'intense\' version of Nicki. She\'s only six months old but already almost as big as him, with the same long body, thick tail, and big paws. They\'re both orange, but her coat is a darker shade. The owner told me to look at the \'M\' marking on her forehead, and I realized that my cat has a less distinct version of it too. Also, when their kitty saw me it started climbing up my jeans, and Nicki used to do that too. Tonight I had a little photo shoot when he crawled up on my bed. Sorry the lighting is bad, but I have a crappy camera. Tell me if you need any pics of his tail. Copy and paste: or: (includes some earlier pics when he was younger)


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    Hmm...this is a difficult one. Technically, he\'s a domestic medium hair or a domestic long hair. I don\'t know where you\'re located, but many American moggies have MC heritage. I am making a guess here, but I would suspect that he may be a Maine Coon mixed with a generic moggy. His long torso and eye shape suggest MC. His facial structure and ear set are pure moggy. As for the \"M\" on the forehead, that is common in all tabbies--not just MCs. Regarding behavioral patterns, the only thing I can say is that every one of my MCs has a water fetish, although they all express it in a different way. The interesting thing about MCs is that they come in naturally occurring and purebred form, and that there is a wide variation in fur length and color. I live in Japan, and my own line of MCs, aside from Harvey, have fur of medium length. In the show ring, the defining factor--aside from a pedigree--is the MC breed standard, which means body configuration above all (although nasty MCs will get points taken off). You could try showing your cat as a household pet at a CFA or TICA show, and get an expert judge\'s opinion.
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