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switching to all canned/raw - need advice

Rhonda ColemanRhonda Coleman Member Posts: 191
edited 15 March, 2010 in Food & Nutrition
OK, my mom is pretty sold on the health benefits of getting rid of "kitty crack" for me, Shadrach. But, she wants some help on how to break my "addiction" to the stuff! A bit of background: I am part Maine Coon (Tuxedo coloration). I will be 7 years old in 2 weeks, am 36" nose to tail tip and weigh 16 lbs 14 oz. I am a BIG cat - I look chubby, but not really FAT! Mom feeds me 1/4 of a can of canned food (Friskies Indoor and Friskies regular) twice a day and the "Kitty Crack Buffet" of Friskies Indoor Cat dry food during the rest of the day. Of course, I am spoiled to think that ANY time mom or dad goes into the kitchen I DEMAND to be fed some dry food - even if there is still some in my bowl. Mom doesn't put out a big bowl of the dry because I refuse to eat stale food! Mom does measure out what she puts out with a shot glass (whatever THAT is). I guess they give me 2 of those, maybe 3, per day. So, I LIKE eating the canned food and could probably be persuaded to eat the raw food eventually. BUT... my mom really wants to get me off this dry yummy tasting, "any-time-I-want-it" food! So, how does she get rid of the dry "on demand" food without me driving them crazy. Well, mostly driving my dad crazy, because mom's actually pretty good at ignoring my demands when she is in the kitchen. Dad, however, is quite the pushover!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Typed by Shadrach's mommy, Rhonda


  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 13 March, 2010
    Hi Shadrach:-h Do you have a brother Meeshack? lol! Anyhow if you havent already read the site Lots of info there for you. I would just stop giving the dry food alltogether,just give more wet food. Though if you can afford too, some good brands to feed that will satisfy more, and that have higher protein are (cannned) Wellness Grain free Evo 95% Evo cat and kitten Felidae Grain free Wellness Core Weruva Merricks before grain It will be easier to switch once your cat is off the dry food. Also you must hide this food, the only way is too either throw it out, put it in your car, or put it in a glass container. Cats can smell this stuff a mile away. Then after your cat has come accustomed to the all wet, then you can try and start introducing a premade raw food, then onto whole. is a good site. Just be forewarned that some cats will have issues when switching, though if you do this slowly you hopefully wont have any accidents. because your cat is on a diet that is not high in protein, when switching cats will sometimes vomit, as they are not used to the high protein. This will pass. Though some cats dont have any problems switching. Let us know how it goes. The Raw forum is a good place to get help too. :)
  • Rhonda ColemanRhonda Coleman Member Posts: 191
    edited 13 March, 2010
    Hi Shadow :-h. I think I would like a brother or sister, mom wants a white kitty and a black kitty to name Meeshach and Abednego, but dad says NO MORE CATS!! :(( Anyway... thanks for your information. Mom spent a LOT of time last night on the website you mentioned, plus some others. I guess I will HAVE to tell her about your answers and suggestions on what to do with the kitty crack containers. We will look into the canned food brands you mentioned. Also looking at the Raw Forum as well for some suggestions. Thanks again - I think!:-/
  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 13 March, 2010
    Hahaha!! that would be great Shadrack, Meeshack and Abednego. I remember a song I used to sing when I was a kid in sunday school about them, lol! Any more questions I would be a happy to help. Maybe one day you will be able to get more kitties :)
  • Vanessa BobackVanessa Boback TampaMember Posts: 3,149
    edited 14 March, 2010
    One thing I have learned by experience over the years is.... the better food you feed, the less you have to feed and the more satisfied they will be. A food like Friskies is void of any nutrition and actually has some very harmful additives in it. Your kitty isn\'t getting much from the food and is still hungry. A better food like EVO, Taste of the Wild, Orijen, etc will help your kitty to feel much more satisfied and you may even see some health benefits. I am VERY dangerously low on money right now and have been for a few months so I was buying cheapo food temporarily for them. Long story short, all 3 were sick within 2 weeks. I had to pull money from savings to buy a bag of Taste of the Wild which cleared up their colds within days and they were much, much happier. My dogs are raw fed but I tried it with the cats and it just wasn\'t a success, I have scars from that incident! :) Good luck with the switch, I hope everything goes well!
  • Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson BountifulMember Posts: 3,652
    edited 15 March, 2010
    We are still working on the whole transition thing...mommy made the mistake of not buying canned food for a little over a month and we were on a mid grade dry food and 3 of us got sick! So back to canned food only...which is REALLY hard on us. Any time mommy is in the kitchen we come running and meow for food. Mommy feeds us 3 times a day and usually gets 1 5.5oz can per feeding divided up between 3 kitties then Mini Dee who is going to be a harder transition to canned food gets her dry but mommy has to lock her in the bathroom so the rest of us don't go stealing her food. We all try to eat what each other is eating even though it's the same darn thing, so mommy may take Bumpurr's advice and feed us in our carriers to avoid this. Mommy doesn't have it down to a science yet but is working on it. We LOVE our canned food. One thing mommy does when we are having hunger pains is give us good quality crunchy treats which we like, that helps.
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