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Jessica BlackJessica Black Member Posts: 460
edited 6 April, 2010 in Food & Nutrition
Gomez eats 1/2 Friskies wet & 1/2 BB Wilderness dry. However, Gomez is a 10 yr old purebred Persian. I know that a high protein, minimal carb diet is what a cat is designed to eat, buuuut... is this the same for Persians? They aren't exactly the kind of cat you would find in the wild, stalking prey. Gomez grooms my baby bunny for crying out loud! My concern is the kidney problems that Persians are famous for. Especially since he isn't young anymore and has never been exposed to a really high protein diet. Could BB Wilderness possibly be too high in protein for him? I've noticed since he's been on it, his poo is unusually runny. Not too bad but enough to notice. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I'm trying my hardest to get as many years more with my baby as I can! :(


  • Jennifer SzucsJennifer Szucs ChathamMember Posts: 3,765
    edited 24 March, 2010
    Well the more your cat drinks gets moisture then the better it will be for the kidneys and the less likely your kitty will suffer from kidney issues. Sometimes its just hereditary and your screwed either way but the more moisture the better to try to prevent anyways. As for the dry food I know that the higher protein foods are the ones with less carbs which is better for cats. Im not sure how long you have been on the food or how the transition went. If you have been on the food for a long while and you still have loose stool maybe its not the food for you. :? Not everything works for every kitty. Also maybe its the canned and not the dry causing the issues. Maybe try a different canned food. :? Friskies does contain menadione in it and has added color which I cant imagine being to good on a regular basis. Anyways just trying to throw some things out there that may or may not help from some of my experiences.
  • Jennifer HearinJennifer Hearin Member Posts: 1,939
    edited 24 March, 2010
    I don\'t think being a Persian (and having a cute smushy face :) ) changes the feline digestive tract or nutritional needs; he\'s still a feline with the same basic needs. Stella makes a good point about moisture...Hydration/moisture are needed for kidney health, and I would be more concerned about the \'dryness\' of the dry food than protein. Dry-fed cats, even those who drink water still get less moisture than they need. The protein issue with CRF/CKD is controversial, and the issue is now more thought to be the higher levels of phosphorus which can be found protein/meat. I don\'t think protein causes kidney disease. You can find lower phosphorus foods if you are concerned (canned would be better) and Friskies even makes a canned one called Special Diet which has lower phosphorus. I am aware of CRF kitties who do well with this food (I just looked at Janet and Binky\'s food chart and the Friskies Special Diet Chicken & Gravy seemed to have the lowest phosphorus numbers - check this chart for \'as fed\' values). But, as Stella says the menadione and other problematic ingredients are to be considered. One other thing is that the low grain or grain-free foods aren\'t just all protein; they also contain fat and some of these actually have higher than needed fat content (especially the canned foods). Here are some links with info about CRF, the protein issue etc.: 1) Click here 2)Click here Best wishes!
  • Karina GressKarina Gress Member Posts: 402
    edited 25 March, 2010
    I grew up with a Himalayan and Persian cat, that lived to be 23 and 19. They free fed on store bought crunchies, and then for wet food they would only tolerate Fancy Feast. They both died of extremely old age in their sleep, and the vet never mentioned kidney issues, so I don\'t think it\'s a breed thing. I have 2 cats now that are 14, and in great shape, despite not eating the top quality food (they wouldn\'t touch blue buffalo or raw when I tried). Work with your vet to feed your kitties something that\'s both good for them, works with any health issues they may have, and they will love.
  • Josie NoeckerJosie Noecker Member Posts: 41
    edited 25 March, 2010
    Regardless of breed or no, cats are cats. Obligatory carnivores. :) If you are able to, feeding lower-quality moist on a more regular basis is better than the best quality dry food. If you can increase the moist food intake (there are several posts with the 'lesser evil' lower quality canned foods) that would be one of the better things to do. I add in 2 tsp. of water into the moist food also. That way I know Bella Mae is getting extra water with her food (besides what she drinks). She gets a combo of grain-free Wellness turkey and the gluten-free Fancy Feast flavors (chicken, beef, turkey). She does get some dry food, mainly as a snack.
  • Jessica BlackJessica Black Member Posts: 460
    edited 26 March, 2010
    Thanks for your opinions guys!!! That was a great idea to mix in water with the wet food. I'll be doing that also from now on. That would really benefit all 3 of my kitties, aside from kidney issues, I don't even want to think about how much a UTI would cost me! Haha, I can't really add more wet to their diet, they already share 2 (5.5 oz) cans of Friskies a day and it's kinda pricey for a student :) I'll also take a look at the "special" Friskies that was mentioned Thanks again!
  • Jennifer HearinJennifer Hearin Member Posts: 1,939
    edited 27 March, 2010
    Hi Gomez and family, I just wanted to mention that since Gomez is getting older, it would be helpful to get a full blood panel when he goes for his yearly checkup. You can keep an eye on his kidney numbers this way. Feline blood panels are not very costly -- for me it\'s about $60-70 dollars in addition to the exam costs. You can keep an eye on his kidney numbers and be alerted to other problems this way. Gump gets at least one blood panel a year, at 15 years (almost 16) it\'s very helpful to know what\'s going on. You can also learn what the different tests mean and it\'s good to keep copies for yourself. Just thought I\'d mention this, if you\'re not doing it already. Purrs and best wishes, Gump
  • Dawn HarmanDawn Harman SpeedwellMember Posts: 1,079
    edited 28 March, 2010
    Thank You Louie ! =D> Meow here was my 3rd cat to reach 22 years old eating dry Nutro Max Cat, chicken. He had canned every once and a while though. None of my cats have had any uti's, kidney or bladder problems at all. Some people here say that it was all in there genes but these were all street or mixed breed cats. They were also inside/outside cats. That is why I asked to work part time for them. You may even say I was just lucky but being a former Professional Groomer for 12 years and a Vet Tech for 5 years... I know the food has had a lot to do with it. I lost a cat Sept. 1988 due to fatty liver disease. It was caused by the food the Vet sold me. He even admitted it was the food. That is when I switched to Nutro. Now I do understand we all feed different foods and that is cool and fine with me. I am not trying to cram any food on to any one. I am just telling my experiences with the food. Yes I do work for them part time and I absolutely love my job. I do my very best not to criticize any food that is out there, esp here on line. I tell people about the things that they do not have in there food and that everything that is in the food is there for a reason. So peace and please respect my experiences. Besides, I do reply to a lot of different non food related questions here. I am sitting in my home on my comp just like everyone else here .. mol not in a office at all. I have all my animals within arms or voice reach, just the way I like it.
  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 28 March, 2010
    In my opinion I would not recommend Nutro pet food, There are a ton of links I could put on here, but that is redundant, anyone can google this info.
  • Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson BountifulMember Posts: 3,652
    edited 29 March, 2010
    Shadow, I 2nd that, as well as it has potentially harmful ingredients in it (Menadione), too many fillers as well. What works for one person may or may not work for another....but the deaths and recalls a few years back caused by Nutro are enough for me to avoid the food forever.
  • Aaron LeeAaron Lee SeattleMember Posts: 251
    edited 5 April, 2010
    It seems like every major, larger petfood company has had some type of recall in the past several years. I think the industry in general has come a long way safety-wise, in a short amount of time, but there's still improvements to be made. And I agree with you guys, no 1 brand of food is going to be right or work perfectly for every single pet out there.
  • edited 6 April, 2010
    Matty, you know I think you\'re generally pretty cool, but some of your... errrmm... co-workers... just \"try\" waaaaaayyyy to hard, if you catch my drift. Sales pitches in the middle of conversations would be considered a social faux pas almost anywhere. It just kinda makes folks cringe a little bit.
  • Jennifer HearinJennifer Hearin Member Posts: 1,939
    edited 6 April, 2010
    Hi Meow, when you said, "Some people here say that it was all in there genes but these were all street or mixed breed cats." I just wanted to point out that mixed breed or "street" cats are not any less genetically, and from what I've read, pure bred cats can be prone to more health problems and may be thought to be less genetically strong (those w/ pure breds, correct me or expand on this if needed). There will always be cats who do fine on dry food, but there is just lots of evidence of problems with high carb, highly processed dry food in cats. Those of us who have had cats with certain health problems (most cats are mixed or "street" cats) know what species appropriate diet can mean to their health. My little street cat developed diabetes (though after three years he's almost in remission :D ) and appropriate diet has been critical to his recovery. Purrrrs....I wish you and your kitties all the best and long lives. I don't mean any negativity :) P.S. And remember George Burns lived to 100 years old drinking & smoking 10-15 cigars a day! :)) Woohoo, go George!
  • karen denhamkaren denham Member Posts: 1
    edited 6 April, 2010
    Shadow & Munchie- I WAS a Nutro user for several years & was unaware of their purchase by Mars Incorporated & all the problems that have followed. Recently, I was educated! I almost lost Pumpkin in February 2010 & spent over $2000 for hospitalization, IV, force-feeding, etc, because of another problem with Nutro Max. As mentioned previously, (search \"Nutro pet food complaints\") will open ANYONE\'S eyes to the current problem. Pets are again getting sick & dying on Nutro pet foods. The \"Best By\" date is outside the recall range for the Nutro Toxic Zinc fiasco, but something IS again seriously wrong! I notified Nutro immediately, but I get changing stories about whether they have recently changed the formula (the bags state \"Improved Taste\") or not. The last call I made, Diana, who previously told me they just added additional chicken meal, informed me there was NO change- they just ran out of the correct packaging & used OLD bags , so they wouldn\'t hold up sales! They NEVER documented my name or details or my complaints, they didn\'t ask for lot numbers or \"Best By\" dates on my packages that made my pets sick, they didn\'t offer to test, even though 2 bags with DIFFERENT \"Best By\" dates made my pets react very clearly like something was wrong - it seems they don\'t document ANY complaints! That way they can keep lying & saying they never receive any customer complaints! I\'m by NO means the only customer they have given the brush-off! I have never experienced a company so uncaring of whatever harm their pet food may be causing. And the pets (dogs & cats) just keep on getting sick & dying.... My pets are like my children & I REFUSE to support a pet food/ treat manufacturer that does not take its responsibility to us seriously! I am boycotting Mars International & all of its pet food/treat entities: Nutro Royal Canin Whiskas Greenies Pedigree Cesar and any other related manufacturing company they absorb into their corporate entity. They MUST be held accountable for their continued pet food manufacturing problems. Too many have suffered!
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