Kittens are 4 weeks old now! Next step in kitten care?

Heather StanfordHeather Stanford Member Posts: 1,308
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As many of you now we had a tough start to mamma wanting to take care of her kittens. Well tomorrow these kittens will be 4 weeks old! ;c; So I figure I better try to wean them just incase mamma stops wanting to take care of them again. :-/ I now this will be a gradual process and I am sure that mamma cat will just be thrilled when it is all over. Here are the things that I have to start weaning them with KMR 2nd Step Nutro Kitten wet food Blue Buffalo Spa Selets Kitten dry food My question is how exactly do I go about doing this. The KMR says to start out feeding them that mixed thin then increase the amount of powder to make it thicker once they start eating. So I thought I would do that then once they got the hang of that add some of the wet food little by little. Then adventualy add the dry food crushed small. How long should this process take...about a week per step or is there some kind of rule of thumb? I tried to give the kittens some of that KMR when mamma wasn't wanting to to take of them and they just spit it out. I am sure that one of these kittens will take right to eating other food very quick but I don't know about the other two. Also is it time to put a tiny litter box in with them? I have been reading and a lot say 4 weeks old. I was thinking maybe and old baking pan so they can crawl into it. Thanks everyone! I will post updated pics! :^:


  • DONNA KELLY-BIRCHDONNA KELLY-BIRCH kenoshaMember Posts: 1,018
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    We would start out by mixing your KMR with a little can food in a shallow saucer and see if they will eat that. Put a little in their mouths to get them started. Some may eat and some may not - just try again the next day. Once they get the hang of that, decrease the KMR until they\'re just eating straight can food. Usually kittens will start eating the dry on their own by 6 wks. cause they see Mama eating it. You can soften it up with KMR or water or mix it in the can food once they start eating that straight. This whole process should only take a couple weeks as most 6 wk. old kittens are eating on their own. They will also still nurse off of Mama as long as she will let them. Yes, they need to be litter trained now. Some 3-3 1/2 wk. olds already use a box. Do not use scoopable litter as they will probably eat it and it will get all stuck to their fur. Put them in the box and scratch their paws in it. Some get it right away and some don\'t. If they have any poo accidents outside the box, just pick it up with a tissue and put it in the box. You can also \"bait\" the box with some of Mama\'s poo and pee and put them in their so they can smell it. An old baking pan is a good litter box, and they also sell \"half\" boxes almost everywhere. Another good box is for ferrets as one side is much lower than the others. Good Luck to you. Looking forward to seeing pics!!:-h
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    Got more pictures of the kittens this morning :^: 4 weeks old tomorrow on 3/26/10 wrestling Playing 1st kitten close up 2nd kitten close up 3rd kitten close up The Ham This kitten is the bravest and loves to be cuddled and pet.
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    What a bunch of cuties!!! We just want to eat them up!!:)) We can\'t wait until the kittens start comming for foster. We haven\'t had little ones in awhile, and we\'re going through withdrawals.
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    As for the litter mom has trained kittens in litter boxes with shredded newspaper also she has used oatmeal (the uncooked kind , don't want you to think that mom cooked it first ) either way if the kittens should eat it , it can not be harmful it them . Now when I had my kittens I was still feeding them when mom started to wean them they started eating my food so mom started giving them kitten food softened with cat milk .
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    I think that we are getting somewhere with the litter box. This morning I woke up to one kitten scratching around in it and the other two starting to step in.:)) %:D% No one has gone in it yet but I think sometime soon.
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
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