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Newly diagnosed FIV cat and sturvite crystals in urine please help

sue greensue green Member Posts: 1
edited 4 April, 2010 in Food & Nutrition
My male cat SHerman was just diagnosed with FIV. we are looking at holistic changes to diet and care. Also, his urine lab work showed PH or 8.5 (sturvite crystals). At the bottom of the report is "2+ AMM MG PHOS (3-5)". I cannot find out what this means and I think the vet we have has not the patience to answer all my questions. can any one decypher this for me? what should I be doing? Right now i have increased wet food and H20 in the wet food, and am giving him a holistic paste for uterine health.( NaturVet Urinary SUpport) our food is wellness and it has a good acidic level ( i called them). Any FIV+ advice? i am also brushing his teeth to combat gingivitus that he has the beginnings of. he had a fever a coupe weeks ago which led to the FIV+ W. blotch results . was tested when we rescued him 2 yrs ago but it was negative. his is 2 yrs 4 mos estimated and very cute. He also had a bad reaction to his 4 in 1 vaccination last yr ( we dint know he was FIV at the time) Should we get him vaccinated just for rabies now ( the law in CA)? or one at a time for all the other shots? Killed virus vs. live? Help!!!!! thank you - we love this little guy so much..


  • Barbara HansonBarbara Hanson Member Posts: 1,232
    edited 31 March, 2010
    We do not know much about this disease. However, there is a group... group/Felvfiv_positive_cats_and_kittens-11223 Anyone can join and they might have info to help you. Good luck!
  • Diane HooperDiane Hooper Member Posts: 314
    edited 1 April, 2010
    Hi Sherman, I just read a really interesting book that might help with both the FIV and urinary issues, though I have also read that wet food is much better for cats\' urinary systems because it contains more moisture. If you\'re not already feeding wet food, I strongly recommend it. The book is \"Pets at Risk: From Allergies to Cancer, Remedies for an Unsuspected Epidemic\" by Alfred J. Plechner, DVM. He noticed that a horomonal imbalance can (and in many cases, does) affect the immune system. He\'s had a lot of success with animals that have allergies, epilepsy, urinary problems, FIV (about 70% of cats he\'s treated test negative after a while) and even cancer. Unfortunately the only thing it doesn\'t treat is food allergies, but I really recommend it. I will say, though, that I think he does need to learn a bit more about proper feline nutrition, IMO. Personally, I would start with diet and if that doesn\'t work, maybe try his method (the book contains information for your vet and you so you can follow his program). If nothing else, it may help with the FIV. Good luck!
  • BambergcatBambergcat Member Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
    edited 4 April, 2010
    I just finished Dr. Hodgins's book. She recommends wet food for the cat that doesn't have any grains. I am giving my cats Wellness, grain free. They love it. I add water to the wet food as well. Fluids is what they need. The doctor says to read the ingredients of the can and make sure that it has as much protein in it as possible. My older cat had crystals. I gave her the prescription food, c/d. both wet and dry. It was always just half eaten. She got an UTI twice...I am back to Wellness because of the new grain free. It is the best for cat who are carnivore and not vegetarians. Both cats loves the turkey. They will get the salmon only once a week. Check out the food forum. Bamcat.
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