cat \"gnawing\" on herself

Joy SuJoy Su Member Posts: 90
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Hi fellow cat lovers, it's been awhile! Taz has earned herself a visit to the vet tomorrow but I thought I'd see if anyone here has any thoughts I might be able to bring up to the vet... Lately Taz's bootay has been smelling something awful, my husband and I managed to shave her "poop trail" ourselves but while we are doing this (also when we've shampoo-ed her back end) she will start gnawing on her arms, maybe a centimeter under her "thumb" (that bottom paw). At first I wasn't too concerned but then I noticed that there is a bump at that spot (on both sides) that I'm 99% sure was never there before and one side has a tiny round bald patch where the bump is. I haven't seen her do the gnawing thing in a few days and she is going to the vet tomorrow to see if her *ahem* anal glands need to be expressed so I will obviously mention this to him as well...but do you think it could be something serious?? It's the only place I've really seen her gnaw like crazy so I'm pretty sure it's not fleas or some other widespread skin problem...Like I said she mainly only did it when we were cleaning her and one time she fell to the ground and started doing it after we had been gone all day and came home. Could it be something she does when she's stressed out? Like a baby sucking its thumb sort of? Guess I'm just trying to reassure myself that it's nothing too serious =(


  • Rebecca YoungRebecca Young DoulanMember Posts: 1,883
    edited 2 April, 2010
    Reuben chews on his paws, but that's when he's cleaning himself, so I guess he's just removing dirt or something. I hope it's nothing serious. Maybe the bumps are calluses (sp?) from the repeated chewing? It does sound like something she does when upset or overly excited. I hope her other problems have simple solutions and not a huge medical issue.|bb|
  • Joy SuJoy Su Member Posts: 90
    edited 2 April, 2010
    Thanks Reuben! The vet was not overly concerned with her paw, he said it's just an instinctual reaction when you rub their back side and she just chewed it raw. He did give her ointment for her bottom and shaved her completely...hopefully she'll start to smell better soon!
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