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Elizabeth AbramsElizabeth Abrams Member Posts: 3,634
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Hi, I am a new catster member and hurried to make my profile so I can post to this forum because I desperately need your cat help please and a google search led me to here. I have a 4 year old dog who is socialized with cats, but isn't interested in them. She is a Jack Russell named Lucy. My cat, Julie, has been around her since she was a kitten. Basically Julie(the cat) torments Lucy (the dog). It has gotten progressively worse until it's going on at 3:00 AM and I can not sleep. I am more concerned about Lucy however. Every night after Lucy settles down and goes to sleep, Julie will sneak in and jump on her or claw her. This causes Lucy to jump up and briefly chase her while barking/crying. It's to the point where Lucy will hide or worse she will start to whine and shivers. It happens during the day too. Whenever Lucy is sleeping, Julie just sneaks up and usually jumps her. If I close Julie in a room, she meows loudly nonstop. I would rather not do this, but Lucy's stress is a concern and if I have resort to locking Julie up I will. Julie has her claws and demands a lot of attention which she usually gets, and I know this is a game to her, but I need to find a way to make this stop. Both are welcome on my bed, and I prefer them to sleep there. If I close my bedroom door, Julie will stand outside of it meowing the whole night long which doesn't bother Lucy but then I can't sleep and other members of the house complain. Is there a way to solve this without locking either up? I don't know how to approach this with training.


  • Elizabeth LewandowskiElizabeth Lewandowski Wausau, WIMember Posts: 6
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    Wow...I know you\'re not wanting to hear that I don\'t have an answer...but I do have some thoughts based on raising my 110 pound black Lab with my 10 pound tuxedo kitty Poor doggy has no real idea of what\'s going on. Kitty, obviously has the upper hand with both doggy and yourself--it\'s OK--that\'s what they do! Remember, they are not our cats...we are there humans!!??!! So...Step #1--buy a pair of good earplugs--GOOD ones, bring doggy into your bedroom with you, and lock poor kitty out. She\'ll figure it out after a night or two and give up. Cats are too damn smart. Then report back!
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    I totally agree with Leo. Kitty needs locked out of bedroom at night. Poor puppy needs to be able to sleep in peace. Kitty will probably cry for a couple nights but he will give up eventually and realize your bedroom is off-limits at night. It's a bummer not to have both of your babies with you in bed at night, but the cat is the agressor and making life hard for everyone. It seems like your cat is trying to show your puppy who's boss so you should supervise them closely when they are in the same room together. Hopefully over time the cat will get used to the dog being around. If you DO catch the cat attacking the dog, have a spray bottle of water on hand so you can spray the cat. Good luck.
  • Nora BNora B Member Posts: 10
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    I think I'd find an area away from others such as a laudry room that is enclosed and make sure your cat has food and water and shut her in for the night. I did that to my cat once when he thought 4am was a perfect wake up time for the whole family and kept walking around the house meowing. Once is ok. He did it 3 nights in a row. On the 3rd night he did it, I put food and water and one of his blankets in the laundry room and shut the door. It's only took that one time. In the morning when I went to get him out he was sound asleep on his blanket. I dont think he was too traumatized from it. he didnt even come out for awhile after I opened the door!
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