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How come my cat wont sleep with me anymore?

Nora BNora B Member Posts: 10
edited 6 August, 2010 in Behavior & Training
I have a neutered 4 year old male cat. (domestic shorthair/Egyptian Mau) I am his favorite human in the family. He has always slept with me at my feet. I went away on vacation for a week. That was over a month ago. When I returned home he was happy to see me and slept at my feet that night and the next night. Since then he sleeps on the couch at night where I normally sit during the day. Nothing else has changed, he still follows me around the house, Still playful with me, still wants attention from me during the day, he just seems to have a new night routine after 4 years. I have taken vacations in the past and he has never done this. In fact I do this about 3 times per year. My husband and older kids were here while I was gone so it's not like he was unattended to and left alone for that long. If his intent was to punish me you'd think it would only be for a day or two. Can anyone tell me why Clark has changed his routine after 4 years!


  • Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson Member Posts: 556
    edited 4 April, 2010
    Isabelle changes her sleeping habits every now and then, and over the years, too. She used to sleep on my pillow, then in between me and my husband's pillow, then only on my side, etc. Now she won't sleep with me at all and can be found in her heated hut or on a kitchen chair. I just chalk it up to normal cat behavior. :))
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 4 April, 2010
    Isabelle's mom is right. I used to love sleeping with mommy as a kitten, but went through two long periods where I wanted my own sleeping place since. Right now, I do sleep at mommy's feet, but I prefer sleeping on her pillow after she wakes up more! So I keep trying to tell her to wake up so I can get my spot in the mornings. She is not pleased with me today, for example. :)) :))! It's possible that your kitty had time to explore sleeping options while you were gone, and afterward decided "you know what, I think I like sleeping alone better!". But if it's the first time you have a kitty that does this, I know that it's hard not to take it personally. The first time I stopped sleeping with mommy, she thought I had stopped loving her. But I still do. Most of my sleeping places are places where I can smell mom: the couch, her pillow when she's not using the bed, and the dining chairs where she's sat for food. Another thing that I like to do when I'm not in the mood to sleep close to mom is sleep away from the bed, but still somewhere near so I can keep tabs on her, like the top of the bookcase across the bed, or her nightstand. :-$ I'll also let you in on a secret: when the weather gets colder, mom's bed becomes irresistible, and I am back to sleeping next to her, happy as I can be (mom says this year I've also got in the habit of sleeping side to side with her and hogging the bed ;)) :-$ P.S.: Sometimes I also go through periods where I like daddy better, just like human children do. Mom has just learned to resign herself to the fact that she only gets my charming presence on the side of the bed when I feel like it. And hey, I'm doing better than the other kitty: she pesters people for laptime at night when they are trying to watch the shiny tube, but when it's time to go to sleep, she's decided she'd rather have her own room with her toys and bed! :)):)):))
  • Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson Member Posts: 556
    edited 13 April, 2010
    Clark, I just wanted to add that Isabelle has suddenly decided to sleep with me again. Sunday night for whatever reason, she decided to resume the position of my \"little rock\" in the bed and snored away like she had never left (she had been sleeping elsewhere for probably a good 2 months). :)) So, really, I wouldn\'t worry too much. ;)
  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭
    edited 13 April, 2010
    Have any of the purrsons thought that maybe, in their sleep, they\'re kicking, pulling on the blankets, swinging their arms, tossing or snoring? :-$ For a cat, trying to get some sleep, it may feel like you\'re going 10 rounds with Rocky Balboa!! :-# :))
  • Rusti SavageRusti Savage Long BeachMember Posts: 806
    edited 13 April, 2010
    Perhaps your kitty feels a new independence that he discovered during your absence? Give him time (and maybe some treats!) and I bet he'll be back in your bed! When I was little I would have nightmares and cry in my sleep. I couldn't even fall asleep unless I was mushed up against my mommy's chest! As I got older/bigger I started to want to go out and do more at night. However, I always laid with my mommy until she was asleep, and then five minutes before her alarm went off in the morning I was back by her side and purring and batting her nose to wake her up. After I was hit by a car I didn't leave my mommy's arms for DAYS, but as I grew used to hobbling around and moved in with my brother, I started going out again.
  • BambergcatBambergcat Member Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
    edited 14 April, 2010
    Natasha does this too. I guess they are just being who they are.....cats.....Your cat may decide to come back to sleeping with you in their own time....Natasha goes from the pillow to my feet to another place in the room. When she leaves the room, I will be shocked....Good luck understanding your cat....That is why there are so many books about them out there....Bamcat.
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 14 April, 2010
    What Apollo said!!!! I've not been snoogling as close to Meowma lately, just a little bit a night. Some nights I even go have to get on the couch. That's because she has awful, even worse than usual allergies this year, and has this nasty, wheezy cough--15 or 20 at the time. I try but after a few minutes I've got to get some beauty rest.
  • Jennifer NovakJennifer Novak DC (But my heart is still in BMember Posts: 595
    edited 15 April, 2010
    Both my bridge baby Felix and Coop have both changed their sleeping spots over time. Coop used to sleep with me every night, then he started sleeping in his bed in the living room. He'll come to visit and nap for short periods, then go back to the living room. He did spend the entire night with me last night because I was sick. And that was very sweet. But I do think they just change their habits over time... :D Coop's Mom
  • Sophie VeilleuxSophie Veilleux Member Posts: 182
    edited 15 April, 2010
    Oh no, this worries me because I will be leaving on a trip for a week and she sleeps with me every night! I would be so sad to come back home and find that she won't sleep with me anymore :(
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
    edited 15 April, 2010
    Mine will go through fazes of where they sleep. In the winter, when we have a down comforter on the bed, Maizy will NOT go on the bed. I think it is because she doesn't like the cracklyness of the blanket. As soon as I take it off in the spring, she is up there. The past few nites, Tigger gets in our room first, so he gets to sleep on the bed - she won't lay near him. I don't think I would worry too much, I bet kitty will be back in time.
  • Lisa Kelley-MuscoLisa Kelley-Musco Boynton BeachMember Posts: 83
    edited 15 April, 2010
    As Bobby Brown (hopefully you're old enough to know who that is) said "That's my prerogative". It's also our job to keep meowmy guessing. My siblings and I switch it up all the time ... sometimes from night to night. Some nights I snuggle with meomy like I'm spooning, sometimes I sleep at (or on) her head, and other nights in another room. Sonny goes through phases where he follows mommy in to bed and lays next to her for a while, then leaves (usually after I come in cause we both want the same spot -- though sometimes we share that side of mommy) and other nights where he just doesn't bother leaving the couch. Most of the time Pepper sleeps in the office (she has her own favorite chair) but sometimes even she comes in a sleeps between meowmy and daddy. Luke sometimes sleeps at their feet, and sometimes on the rug in front of the door. The point is.....we're cats. We're in charge, and we sleep where we want, when we want. Heck, 6 months ago we weren't allowed in the bedroom at all, til Luke decided he'd learn how to open the door himself and daddy had to give in. We adapt -- and so should you.
  • Nora BNora B Member Posts: 10
    edited 19 April, 2010
    Ok be careful of what you wish for is the motto! Clark has resumed sleeping with me 5 nights ago. Only now he waits till I fall asleep, I am a side sleeper and he sleeps so close to me on the back of my legs (my legs are sort of tucked up like in the fetal position when I sleep and where he lays is like he is being cradled between my butt and lower legs) that it is impossible to move positions in my sleep and it wakes me up! I go to move him to the middle of the bed by my feet and he\'s like dead weight. Then when I go back to sleep he goes to the same position again. No, Im not going to complain, I just going to say next time I\'ll be careful of what I wish for! ha ha
  • Debra PietrowskiDebra Pietrowski Sussex CountyMember Posts: 1,833
    edited 19 April, 2010
    Hey Clark ! I sleep like that with my momma toooo in the "crook" of her legs. If shes laying on her back watchin TV in bed, I do the funniest thing.. picture this now.. shes on her back - legs straight down.. I get on the bed and walk over to her legs puttin my front two on one of her legs looking at them, do you know what this means? It means "spread em" so mommy has to open up her legs forming a circle like bed, and then i get in the middle and lay down and clean myself.. its so funny.. i sleep like that too sometimes depending on how long mom can stay like that.. its kind of silly that I get what I want - when and how I want it, cause im so spoiled. My brofur, sleeps at the bottom of the bed, in his kitty bed.
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