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Cat is going #2 outside of liter box

Sara StoneSara Stone Palatine, ILMember Posts: 6
edited 10 April, 2010 in Behavior & Training
I have been with my owner for 6 years now and I have always done well with the liter box and behavior. . . Until about 3-4 months ago. I started going #2 right outside the box. Now, they did add a new kitten to the family but he was around for about 5 months before I started to try this new thing. They yelled, they\'ve loved for doing right, they\'ve changed liters on me, moved my box and I just don\'t like any of it . I still like to go #2 right by the box. I don\'t know whybut they want me to stop . . .any suggestions?


  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
    edited 9 April, 2010
    There's an excellent page on that talks about all the reasons cats go out of the box and all the things you can do to correct it. Hope this helps!
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 9 April, 2010
    Do you have more than one box? Annd are you sure he isn't constipated? The first would be for if he's doing it because of the kitten, and the second would be because--well, I do that when I get stopped up or something is hurting my behind when I poop-- it makes me think the box is causing it. BTW even if it's a behavioral issue, you just have to figure it out, because when a kitty isn't using the box, it's usually due to stress, pain, or that they don't like the particular box/ litter/sharing/placement--so any kind of punishment will generally make it worse.
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
    edited 10 April, 2010
    Dear Sully, first tell your mommy or daddy, that yelling at you, teaches you nothing. They need to find the reason you are doing this and correct it. :D Do they actually see you do poopies outside the box, or do they just see the poopies show up outside of the box? You should have as many cat boxes as there are cats in the house hold, and some say even add one more. Boxes should be large and deep, and bedded deep, like 6 inches, and baking soda mixed in to help with the smell, and picked every day. Kitties do not like dirty and smelly boxes, and they don't like to wait. When my kittens were little, they would climb right in the box, with a cat already in there, they did not want to wait, added more boxes, prob solved. It could also be, because you are a good sized cat, the box is not big enough for you, and altho you are in the box, your back end hangs out of the box, thus poopies outside the box. I leave my show cat boxes, which are smaller, out too, so its not a surprise of a new box at a show. On occassion, Smokey will pick that box to use. She is a big girl, the box is small, she is in the box, but her back end hangs out, and the poopies end up, just outside the box. I don't yell at her, its not her fault, I just pick them up, I have seen her do this, so I know what happened and why. And as another poster said, one of the reasons cats go outside of the box, is they associate the box with the pain or discomfort. I would check the poopies and see if they are hard, it may be that he is constipated. Sully is telling you something is wrong, as good kitty parents, its your job to figure out what it is, and correct it. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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