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Tips to make a move easier on him?

edited 23 May, 2010 in Behavior & Training
I'm moving in 2 weeks and I'd like your tips on how to make the transition easier. especially moving day. thank you!


  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 19 April, 2010
    It might be better to let someone kitty-sit him on the big day, if you aren't moving too far away. Otherwise, there isn't a whole lot you can do unless you want the vet to give you a mild sedative pill to use. When you get to the new place, if it's big, keep him to a smaller area with his old 'stuff' until he knows where his letter box is, and until you have at least half your belongings unpacked, so he will know he's still at 'home'. He will be fine if you are just a little considerate!
  • Ellie CarterEllie Carter SeattleMember Posts: 2,252
    edited 28 April, 2010
    Hope the move went/ or is going well. When we moved recently, mom took us to a "Kitty daycare" so that we were completely safe and had some play time too. We moved from Kentucky to Washington State without sedatives and did really well! You can read about our travels in our diaries. Tell your mom to pack a box, or suitcase with just your stuff and keep it separate. That way, when you get to the place, she will know... "Oh, this suitcase has the cat toys, dishes, etc. in it". Then she can get some of your things out right away so that you will feel more comfortable. Mom does the same thing with some of her "essentials" too (i.e. shower curtain, towels/washcloths, at least 2 rolls of TP, and usually a plate, pan, 1 set of silverware, and of course clothes). Anyway, I digress.... It really does help as boxes tend to all look the same once you get to your new place, which is why mom prefers using suitcases for essential items, even on short moves. Moving is stressful for cats and people alike. Tell your mom to spend extra time with you and talk to you a lot. If you are moving far away, have your mom designate a "cat area- do not open the door until all boxes/furniture is in". Our "area" tends to be the bathroom. Make sure that the movers know that they should NOT open the door unless ALL OTHER doors and windows without secure screens are shut! Moving chaos creates a great opportunity for escapees. A scraed cat can be very hard to find, much less capture. If you are staying close, it would be best to stay at a kennel, or with a friend during the move. We have more suggestion for you, but mom needs to get some more sleep before she goes to work. Good Luck!
  • edited 30 April, 2010
    Great post Cleopatra! Thanks a bunch! The big day is tomorrow!
  • Barbara HansonBarbara Hanson Member Posts: 1,232
    edited 30 April, 2010
    Good luck!!!|^|
  • edited 11 May, 2010
    The move went super well and Minou is doing great. He loves to spend hours sitting on the balcony and watching birds, squirrels and insects all around him. He eats a lot less since we've been here. I think it really, really helps that he can chill outdoors (before he couldn't seeing that I had no balcony).
  • Karen ParsonsKaren Parsons GriffithMember Posts: 821
    edited 17 May, 2010
    I used to love my balcony, now I'm in a house so I don't get to go out! You're CotD today!
  • Melissa DickersonMelissa Dickerson Elyria, OHMember Posts: 14
    edited 23 May, 2010
    When I moved, Loverboy decided to hang out in my bf's dad's closet because it was dark and quiet. He was SCARED TO DEATH. When it came time to take him to our new house, I put him into a box that didn't have fully enclosed flaps (when folded, there was a hole in the top). I held the box on my lap and talked quietly and soothingly to him, and when we got here, I made sure his food, water, and litterbox were set up and ready for him. I opened the box, picked him up and cuddled him, still talking to him. I showed him his area and his springs, then let him explore at his leisure. He still prefers my room to catnap in, though! :D
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