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Why does my cat only love me in the bathroom?

Sabrina DreyerSabrina Dreyer Member Posts: 7
edited 26 April, 2010 in Behavior & Training
Three of my cats, all varying shades of 'skittish', all swarm the bathroom when I'm trying to have some alone time. Larry will meow and meow until I open the door, then crawl all over my feet purring and rolling over and demanding attention, while outside the bathroom he tends to be a very timid cat. His sister refuses to allow a closed door, which I do understand, even though she doesn't really want my attention as much as her brother does. But the weirdest one is the Calico, who hates me. Well, I know she doesn't hate me, but she doesn't particularly like me at all, and is usually very standoffish. She will actually hop up on my lap and stay there. I almost hate to make her move, she never seems to like me unless I'm stuck somewhere or asleep (I fell asleep on the couch once and was surprised to find her curled up on my back when I woke up. I went back to sleep rather than move her, it was just too cute.) What gives? I know this isn't a unique situation, tons of cats seem to love 'extended sit down time' more than any other to spend with their people. Is there some kind of reason for this, or is it just the obvious, "well, you don't seem to be going anywhere." I even have a work desk where I spend plenty of time, but never to they seem to want my attention as much as when I just want the door closed.


  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 23 April, 2010
    I don't think your calico hates I've gotten older, it's gotten more uncomfortable for me to be petted in certain ways, and if I get on Meowma I don't like her to wiggle around ANY, or I'll move; she's pretty sure it irritates my old bones. And so usually, I want to be good and settled before I even get my head rubbed or anything; maybe you don't go into ''petting' mode when you are on the pot, and you aren't moving as much.
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 23 April, 2010
    Here's the deal: we love it when mommy poops. There we said it. We know she'll sit in the same spot for a long time, so it's the perfect time to have her admire our fur, headbutt us (yes, you read that right, we climb on the counter and headbutt mom), and skritch all those hard to reach areas. I also like to bat at the toilet paper roll so my mommy can praise my hunting skills (mom's note: I yell at him to stop, which only seems to encourage him :-/). The only thing we haven't done is to sit on her lap while she poos, but only because, in dad's words we have "a modicum of pride". If we were kittens, we probably would sit on mom's lap too. ;) Sometimes my sister Gracie also likes to explore the tub next to the toilet seat and meow at mommy to cover her poos (mom says it's called "flushing"). Not surprising, since she has also taken over my duty as litterbox snoopervisor, lately. Mom says it's because she's a captive audience.
  • Jennifer NovakJennifer Novak DC (But my heart is still in BMember Posts: 595
    edited 23 April, 2010
    I have to agree with Boris...and I've gotta say...the bathroom is just a fun, fun, FUN place! Oh, I love to test my jumping skills by hopping up and into the sink. I love to listen to the running water when Meowm takes a shower...and the toilet...THE TOILET. Most. Funnest. Toy. EVERRRRRRRRR.=;=;=; Meowm allows me to put my paws on it while the stuff goes "bye-byes." But she holds on to me so that I can't put my paws in. :? But it's still fun! No, it's beyond's ENTARANCING. Purrs, Coop
  • terri echolsterri echols kalamazooMember Posts: 4,758
    edited 24 April, 2010
    would bathroom love be akin to phone affection? (and why does that sentence seem like it shouldn't be shared in mixed company?) i am frequently becatted while enthroned...or else beset by cats, as they prowl the bathroom or yowl outside the door. but hey, i'm not really going anywhere and have nothing better to do, so...i'm good with it. the phone affection is another issue. i'm on the phone. so the phone is in one hand. frequently, i'm doing something with the other. i may even be cooking, or cleaning, or some other job that requires moving around the house. so sometimes i'm a moving target-but i'm consistently a target. both cats actively, pesistently solicit attention and affection whenever i'm on the phone. kaya gets in front of me and taps me with her paw, jadyn wails, both cats troop through my lap if i'm sitting, weave through my feet if i'm standing...what gives? honestly, it reminds me of toddlers yanking on a parent's sleeve saying "mommy-mommy-mommy-mommy-mommy..." and it's about that irritating, if the conversation is a long one, because they don't stop. ideas?
  • Debra PietrowskiDebra Pietrowski Sussex CountyMember Posts: 1,833
    edited 24 April, 2010
    Oh we's the bathroom visitors also.. when mom showers in the AM I love to lay on her PJammies that she just took off and wait for her to get out all wet, sometimes I lick her (hairy) legs if she didnt shave them MOL :))! When shes doing her make up I jump up on the sink top and walk back and forth making it difficult for her to do so. Or.. like now when shes on the computer I like to "plop" right down in front of the keyboard so she cant type... ahhhh its so relaxing.. I do also come into the bathroom when shes making believe shes the queen on the throne..sisfur and I love the attention then too - so your not alone :))
  • Alice BarhamAlice Barham Member Posts: 5
    edited 25 April, 2010
    I head for the bathroom when my mommy goes in there. My litter box is there, too, but, it\'s when she\'s in there I am captivated. When water is running in the sink, I can\'t figure out what is going on, but, haven\'t yet figured out how to jump there. I get to drink the delicious water from the toilet bowl, but, when she\'s sitting there, she will pet me and met me until I nip her leg, wanting her to come play with me and my toys. She pets me in other rooms, too, but, there is so much going on in the bathroom that is mysterious! Jack
  • Jennifer NovakJennifer Novak DC (But my heart is still in BMember Posts: 595
    edited 25 April, 2010
    Jack, you are a Cat after my own heart! You just said it ALLLLLLL. :D:D:D:D Purrs, Coop
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 25 April, 2010
    Well, mom has decided that since I need more exercise (I got fat again), and she is spending more time in the bathroom these days (she's going to have a furless kitten, which is kind of the equivalent of getting a kidney infection, I think. I swear, the woman goes to the bathroom every hour), she decided to use our bathroom time to her advantage. She got one of those dangly mouse toys (who's already earned the nickname Mr. Mouse) and dangles him in front of me all the time. So far I like Mr. Mouse. Mom is hoping this means she can utilize her captive audience status to her advantage. Not sure what that means, but I like that mom plays with me. :D
  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
    edited 26 April, 2010
    Our meowmy gave up a long time ago closing the bathroom door. And Louie likes to jump up on the back of the toilet and pat her shoulder with his paw. That way he gets extra attention. He also jumps up on the vanity when she is getting ready in the morning to go to work, and again puts his paw on her shoulder (what, does he think she can't see him - he weights 14 pounds!!). I like to jump up on the vanity, and from there to the top of the floor cabinet, I can sit up there like I am on my throne, since I am indeed Empress of All Cats. Meowmy reaches up and pets me, and even puts a treat or two up there for me. Al and Charmaine pass through and rub against her legs (our litter box is also in the bathroom). Pete seems to be more interested in being in the dining area/kitchen.....guess he wants to be close to the food......MOL.....MOL... Emma Barrett
  • Rebecca NowakRebecca Nowak Orange County, NYMember Posts: 1,397
    edited 26 April, 2010
    We love the bathroom too! Mom isn\'t allowed to go in without at least one of us, especially me, to supervise! When Smudge and I were little we were fascinated by the toilet flushing and we still are, but back then Mom was scared that we would fall in even though we could barely see into it. Now we are huge, so we like to stick our paws in the water, but only when it\'s empty and clean. Our little brother likes to stand on the toilet seat right behind Mom when she\'s using it. I have my own special bathroom game with Mom. The tub is right opposite the toilet, so I hide in between the curtain and the liner. Mom and I attack eachother through the curtain, up high, down low, up high again. I win if I bite and she can\'t get her hand free (99% of the time) and she wins if she tickles my belly and I fall over on my back (1% of the time is she\'s lucky). Ahh, the bathroom...
  • Karen ParsonsKaren Parsons GriffithMember Posts: 821
    edited 26 April, 2010
    If you need to find any of us....go to the bathroom...we'll ALL be right there....If not, close the door...this will get us for will open the door and we will be lined up waiting!~a~:))!
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