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Theresa GarciaTheresa Garcia ThomastonMember Posts: 14
edited 13 May, 2010 in Behavior & Training
My cat Tippy-Toe, Tippy, goes where she wants to. Likes to pee on the bed. She walks around like she doesn\'t know where to go then comes to me crying. And I have to pick her up and take her to the pan. Pee then poop or poop then pee. If I let her do one and let her go she\'ll go somewhere else. If I\'m not there she\'ll go anywhere. She\'s smart but \"Tippy\", Her head bobs because an older cat was too rough when she was younger and been trying to kill her. So I brought her in. Constant dyerea and thowing up. I got her on canned chicken. When she\'s hungery she bites me. Problem cat? Gotta love her.


  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
    edited 27 April, 2010
    Are you giving her canned cat food chicken - or people canned chicken? She might have health issues, especially if she is getting people food - I think it can cause urinary tract probs. I would check with your vet to make sure there is nothing health wise causing her not to use the box. Then you might have to start by confining her to a smaller space until she lears to use the box. Was she attacked by the other cat while using a box? That could also cause her not to want to use one. There are others on here with tons of ideas tohelp. Best of luck, and don;t give up on her!
  • Constance EdwardsConstance Edwards JacksonvilleMember Posts: 10
    edited 27 April, 2010
    After you rule out any medical issues, make sure you choose a cat litter free from heavy fragrances. Cats find these types of strong scents offensive and may avoid using the litter box.
  • Arna CohenArna Cohen Member Posts: 565
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    Diarrhea, throwing up, not using the litter box - Tippy is definitely sick and needs to see the vet. If she was an outdoor cat, she may have parasites. She may also have food allergies, urinary tract problems, inflammatory bowel disease, any number of things. Get her healthy and the litter box issues will most likely resolve on their own.
  • Theresa GarciaTheresa Garcia ThomastonMember Posts: 14
    edited 5 May, 2010
    Took her to the vet, got dewormed and some special food. Let's see if that works.
  • martha ciatteimartha ciattei Member Posts: 3,158
    edited 5 May, 2010
    Good for you taking such good care of your baby! :h: I hope it all works out for her! =D>
  • Aaron LeeAaron Lee SeattleMember Posts: 251
    edited 5 May, 2010
    best of luck Tippy and Family! please keep us updated, and yeah, it sounds like an extended vet checkup would be in order to sort everything out. Stay healthy and happy please!
  • Theresa GarciaTheresa Garcia ThomastonMember Posts: 14
    edited 13 May, 2010
    First she would\'nt eat nothing but the hills diet now she won\'t eat that but people canned chicken. It has no vitamins though. She seems to be gaining weight.
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