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Jennifer OliverJennifer Oliver Seattle, WaMember Posts: 18
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Hi all - i need a bit of advice from yall! My two girls and I are moving from Medicine hat, AB to Abbotsford, BC on the first of july. Its a 14 hr drive if all goes as planned. Both girls love thier kennels. LisaLee has moved with me before from Edmonton to Medicine hat (2 hrs) and Poly seems to really enjoy car rides. But this is a long drive and a big move for us from one province to another. I would love to hear anyones travel advice (we are driving and will have AC, and likely will have a few rest stops along the way) With such a long trip Im not sure when to cut them off of food or water before hand and all that....and how to make this big move for us as easy as possible on my two girls.


  • Sharon WigginsSharon Wiggins Member Posts: 1
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    Our Twinkle has travelled a LOT! By car and airplane - within the country and abroad. The absolutely most important tip I can give you is to never open your car doors when you make your rest stops until the cats are secured in carriers. Even if your cats are typically well controlled, they will be in areas they are unfamiliar with and unfamiliar sounds can frighten them and cause them to dart out of the car. It would be very easy for them to get hit by another car or run far away before you can catch them. I\'m military and have moved around a LOT - and of course, so have my coworkers and I\'ve heard too many sad stories regarding pet loss and it is just better to be safe even if you never suspect your cat would run from you. Also, it is best to keep the pets in their carriers while driving for their safety - and yours. A sudden stop could be disastrous for kitty and if kitty likes to roam, can be dangerous if they get around the driver\'s feet. I never withheld food and definitely wouldn\'t recommend withholding water, either. Moving is stressful for cats and they can quickly become dehydrated. Besides, they may be a little freaked out when they enter new surroundings and not eat for a bit, either. I\'ld give them their usual meal before leaving and offer water and food enroute as well. When we travelled via car, I took a step that most probably wouldn\'t do. I had a litter box with a little litter inside my car and when we stopped for gas or food, I would let my cats out of their carriers and give them a chance at the litter box. Obviously, that means somebody has to sit inside the car with the cats while they do their deed since they shouldn\'t roaming free while the doors are open. Once finished, I secured them back in their carriers and then opened the car doors to air it out and to scoop the litter box. Stopping for people food and restroom stops were complicated for us because it was too hot to leave the cats in the car without a/c. We had lots of snacks to eat on the road and we went through fast food drive through windows. We took turns for restroom breaks. We had softside carriers and could have probably taken the cats inside some places with us but we never tried. Our Twinkle doesn\'t like car rides or his carrier at all and we had to give him some kitty valium to keep him from howling the entire trip. Sedating a cat is never done for air travel (for anybody looking for info on air travel) because they can\'t regulate their body temperature. I do not think any airline will accept a sedated pet. I can answer lots of questions about cats and air travel, too - if anybody has any questions about it. Good luck on your move!~a~
  • Tiffany AldingerTiffany Aldinger Member Posts: 620
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    Good advice Twinkle! I didn't know that about not sedating cars on planes! Also, I don't know if it's the same for provinces, but when I traveled between states my vet told me to have a sheet proving Mo was up to date on her vaccines - especially rabies. He said some states even require a health certificate and without one, if you're stopped, they can quarantine your pet.
  • Fely BowenFely Bowen Member Posts: 12
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    Hi Twinkle and Twinkle's parents. I'm traveling with my parents back to Canada (4 1/2hrs flight, 4 hr layover, then 8hr flight again!) in a few months. I hate my carrier and yowl and cry very loudly whenever I am in it. Mum is trying to get me used to the carrier by taking me on short car trips but I still don't like it. The vet doesn't want me to take a sedative but the silly airline says I must be sedated! Kiko's Mum here: I am worried he is going to cry the whole way. Also how do I give him water when he jumps out of the carrier in 2secs flat whenever I undo the top of the carrier just a little bit? You mentioned you had some experience with air travel. Any advice? Thanks!
  • shannon mcnultyshannon mcnulty Courtney BCMember Posts: 71
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    Hi, we just moved from Vancouver BC to Courtney BC, 2 hours by ferry and almost 3 hours driving. Our move turned into a nightmare move that took nearly a week. So we were both upset by the time moving day for us finally arrived. We hated our boxes but one of our humans friends lent him a cat carrier. I decided I liked it and travelled quite nicely. Our human had received all sorts of advice on moving us but other than a calming collar that Blackie wore the whole trip, our human did nothing else. That calming collar was a big waste of time. Blackie just cried the whole trip. 20 years ago our human moved across the country, 4.5 days with the family cat in the car. She was given gravol and the move went well. So that is someting to consider. Good luck with the move.
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