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Rusti SavageRusti Savage Long BeachMember Posts: 806
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So it\'s two weeks today that I\'ve lived in my new house, and I\'ve been cooped up in Mommy\'s room the whole time. It\'s a HUGE room with it\'s own bathroom, so I have a pretty good amount of space. Our roommates have dogs and are in-and-out of the house a lot, so Mom wanted me to get fully adjusted before letting me explore since I\'m not allowed outside! Well, I have been crying and crying at the door, so a couple days ago Mommy finally decided (since nobody was home and the dogs were put away) to open it and let me check out the house. I crept down the hall and out into the living room, and of course as soon as I did a bunch of people came in the door. Let me tell you, I have no will to leave Mom\'s room anymore!! She\'s been sitting here with me, and the door\'s wide open, but I don\'t even try to go out! However, I am getting bored, and my old toys aren\'t fun anymore. I want a big interactive play structure, but Mom is worried that it will be too strenuous for my leg. I get around just fine and still can run and climb, but even on a simple cat stand I tire my leg out. What can I do? Mom is worried, but she also feels that at this point it might not matter and that my leg might just have to deal with it, because the REST of my body is still very much strong and needs things to do! I\'ve even taken up playing with my dog-brother, who is an 80lb Akita puppy! And dragging blankets around the room so that the dogs can\'t lay on them. Does anyone have suggestions for some fun cat toys that I won\'t get bored of so fast?


  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭
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    How about the old standard paper bag or cardboard box? I always enjoyed a toy mousie or little ball rolled inside so I could attack it. Regarding a big interactive play structure; there are some that have ramps or stairs instead of making a cat climb up a pole, so that still may be OK. I am very timid around people, so I know I would be hiding all the time, too and crying for Mom to be with me.
  • Rusti SavageRusti Savage Long BeachMember Posts: 806
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    Oh I do LOOOVE cardboard boxes! And since we just moved there have been a lot of them. The problem though is that my 80-pound dog brother will try and play in them with me, and that usually ends in the box no longer being available to play in. Mom tried putting them in the big walk-in closet for me, but Tyson pulls them out and destroys my castle! Ramps would be a great idea! I wonder if they carry them at Petco (the only place around here that sells cattrees and such). That would be easier on my leg for sure!
  • Sharon DaltonSharon Dalton Member Posts: 3,728
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    If I may make a suggestion regarding cat trees: check out ebay. The nicest ones I've gotten have come from there - one (from years ago) has a little ladder. I know about broken legs, since I had one (one leg, two bones, one broken at top, other at bottom), and I can't jump as well as I used to either. Good luck!
  • Rusti SavageRusti Savage Long BeachMember Posts: 806
    edited 9 June, 2010
    Thank you Shadow! I forget all about E-bay. So sorry about your leg :( That sounds awful.
  • Jennifer NovakJennifer Novak DC (But my heart is still in BMember Posts: 595
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    How about the laser light? That's a tried and true toy in our household. Purrs, Coop
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