Tips for being home alone while parents on vacation?

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Mom and dad are going on vacation for two weeks to Europe (something about second honeymoon and friend's wedding in Paris). They are very very worried about leaving me in our apartment for two weeks - they think I am going to be bored and depressed. I thought I would ask the other kitties here at Catster if they had any ideas or tips about what they did during their parents' vacations? Mom and dad are going to have a pet sitter who I know come to feed me and keep me company for 30 mins or so twice a day every day. But I will be stuck in my two bedroom apartment in NYC the whole time. Since my apartment is on the 23rd floor I don't even get to watch birdies out of my windows here. I would much rather be out at our country house (biiiiig house with 2 acres of land and tons of birdies and chipmunks for me to play with), but mom and dad don't know anyone who can watch me out there and are afraid I might run away if left by myself too long. Instead, mom got me a bird video which I am sorta entertained by. However, Mom is worried that the stress of being gone will make me sick (I am 15 and have kidney insufficiency). Do any of you kitties have any recommendations of things to keep me from being sad and bored while mom and dad go on vacation?


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    Well, we would suggest your pawrents leave some clothing on their bed that they have worn, being able to sleep on them would give you some comfort. Perhaps a couple of new toys to keep you entertained, or even a couple of empty cardboard boxes to play in. Could the pet sitter come in around the same time every day? And around the time your pawrents fed you in the morning and evening? Since we cats love routine this might make you feel better. Good luck....and we hope your pawrents bring you a real nice present from Paris.....perhaps some French Mice????....MOL..MOL... The New Orleans Kitties
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    My husband and I are going away for about the same time. I am having a neighborhood's daughter who is an adult come in every morning and evening to feed both of my cats. Natasha has early, early kidney disease like your cat. I will have the water fountain going the entire time that I am gone along with one other water bowl. She has a cat and will note if Natasha has eaten or not. We have Angell's near by and my vet within twenty minutes. If Natasha has not eaten in two days, I will leave directions for her to be checked out. Natasha is a sensitive cat so I worry about her. She loves my daughter who also an adult. My daughter will check in every three days. She lives an half an hour away so she can't do it every morning and evening. If your cat already knows someone, can they drop in for a visit? Have the sitter add about one quarter of water to your cat's food. I give Natasha all wet renal food with a bit of low protein Friskies. You can't give them enough water if there is kidney insufficiency. I also add a little taurine to her food since the food doesn't have enough in it. I am going to find a video too so that the neighbor can put it in for Natahsa. I have thought of a video cam that you can check using your phone...but I haven't done the research yet. Leave out clothing that has your odor in it. ( I know that it sounds bad but they can smell the famiiar scent of you.) Give instructions if there is an emergency. I have left my credit card info with my regular vet so my daughter can bring her there for an emergency. No eating for more than 48 hours or no poop/pee are signs of an emergency. I don't want to come home to pancreatiitis. I will get toys and boxes so that both of them have something to play with. Leave instructions for your sitter on what to look for and to expect from your cat. With kidney problems, this means increased drinking or peeing outside of the litter box. Litter box should be changed as often as twice a day. Call home/email as often as you feel comfortable. I wil check in with mine about every other day. Then, pack and have a wonderful trip. I plan on doing Paris next year....but just for a week. If you can drop by Barcelona. Spain is beautiful and amazing country.....Sharon
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