First time moving with cats---Any advice?

Brianna CollinsBrianna Collins OxnardMember Posts: 8
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So, I just found out we're moving in a few days. Nowhere far, as we're staying in the same apartment complex just moving from one building to another. Mommy was wondering if anyone has tips and/or advice to make the move as easy on us as possible and also how to make sure we get used to the new place. Does she have to show us where the litter box is again or will we just find it automatically. She's just realizing she's never moved with cats before and just wants to make sure it's easy on us since it sure won't be on her.


  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
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    On the day your packing, I would crate the kitties, so they don't accidently get out, or get stressed and hide. Unless the apt is set up the same, exactly the same, I would treat it as a new place you are going into. Shut them in the bedroom or bathroom for for a day or so, so they don't get stressed out, and go hide, or get out. And yes, I would show them where the cat box is. Best of luck with the move. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • Sara KangSara Kang Member Posts: 403
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    Yes, I second Bumpurr's great idea. Please please crate the kitties, so they can't escape. I've had too many adopters lose their cats while they were moving- they leave the cats in a separate room, and inevitably, someone opens the door or the cat escapes through a window due to the stress and commotion. Some helpful articles (they have TONS of articles about everything else cat related, and written by a cat behaviorist)
  • ericka deciutiisericka deciutiis los angelesMember Posts: 193
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    wow! you aren't moving too far! me and my sister callie had to go on a BIG plane for a really long time with our mommy and grammy when we moved. YUCK! grammy says we did better than mommy! she was so panicked and worried, even though we were with them in the cabin! anyway, that time the apartment was already set up, mom had moved in, so there were no boxes or anything. she tried keeping us in one room, but within 10 minutes we wanted to explore, so she let us out into the rest of the place. our second move, across town, was awful because we had to move WITH the boxes, no way for mom to set everything up before we came, and Callie went missing! completely empty apartment, and we couldn't find her. she apparently found a tiny hole somewhere and only came out after about 5 hours. even though mom had a babysitter there and everything had already been moved out, we still had that problem. so crates for us next time we move. that night in our new place, we were happy to stay in the bedroom with mommy and not explore. so yes, crates for sure, once moving is done, have mom show you where your box and food are, maybe a special toy or blanket too, and go at your own pace. mom will be able to tell if you want to explore other rooms, and if it is safe to do so, we think it is fine. :) have fun, and good luck!
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