Bitting when impatient or doesn\'t get her way

Janet EmeraldJanet Emerald Member Posts: 1
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This is a cry for help. I have had Mystique for 7 years. she is a beautiful F3 Bengal (3rd gen from an Asian Leopard Cat). I love her very deeply. She is very affectionate, cuddly, attentive and very dog like. She is very loved and spoiled and has a wonderful home. She has become very demanding. The problem started a few years ago.She started getting demanding of my time, not wanting me to talk on the phone or leave the house. She would get angry when I was doing either. She had threaten to bite me for not getting off the phone. She became very demanding when she thought it was time for her canned food (she has access to dry food all day, she's not starving). I don't want to be bullied by her. She has separation anxiety and some times pulls clumps of fur out. She started attacking my legs with scratches and bites. I quickly treated them to prevent infection. However two of the bites in the last three weeks have gotten infected, resulting in visits to my doctor and antibiotics. I am well aware of how dangerous cat bites can be. I have tried Feliway products and Prozac and scolding her. I took her to the vet for a check up and lab work. All's fine there. I was told to up the Prozac dose and try Feliway again with it. I can't afford an animal behaviorist. I just got another bite that may be infected. I love her more than words can say, but I have reached the point where I need to find kitty a new home or have her Euthanized. I am trying to find a cat rescue or person who understands this breed who would want to take her. Maybe if she went to live with someone else, she would start over and maybe she would be alright. Maybe she needs a male owner. If I do give her away, I need to feel assured that she won't be abused. It's going to hurt so hard if I have to have her... I feel so depressed about this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    I'm not an expert on biting, but after having a cat for 7 years, I'd sure try every last option so you don't have re-home (chances are she would have the same behavior with the new owner if it's not addressed). How long did you use the Feliway? Plug ins, right, in EVERY room? For at least a month to see if it helped? Did you increase the prozac and did it help? What about another type of anti-anxiety (Isabelle used amitriptyline)? Do you give her the attention she desires, so she doesn't have to seek you out and bite in order to get it? Does she like it when she does get the attention? Do you play with her at regular times each day? Does she have adequate stimulation while you are gone? Toys, windows to look out, places to crawl around, etc. Has anything in your house changed that may have prompted this? A new roommate, new house, new pet, reduced access to areas, etc. What sort of reaction do you have when she bites you? Does she know it's wrong (I'm not advocating any physical punishment but a loud "no" or hissing may signal her that it's not appropriate). Hopefully others will chime in with their experience!
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    Is she an onky cat/ If so, it sounds wrong, but you might consider getting a second kitty. I would never, ever, bite my Meowma, but after Rocky cat died, I became very, very demanding, clingly and even more vocal than usual. And I didn't even like Rocky that much. Now that Ringo is here, I'm not best friends with him either, but keeping him in his place and making sure he isn't the favorite has given me something to do besides make demands on Meowma all the time--although I still sit with her 90% of the time, I'm not constantly poking her with my paw, crying, and otherwise making her crazy.
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