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How to go about getting this vet in trouble.

Stephanie KlempnerStephanie Klempner BloomingburgMember Posts: 24
edited 29 June, 2010 in Laws & Legislation
I have read numerous negative reviews online of this vet, Dr. Johnson of the Animal Health Center in Middletown, NY. Here is one review. \"I do not trust this hospital after I had a problem with 3 animals, one which directly resulted in the death of 1. I brought my 3 cats to be fixed. One female and two male. I was not notified that the female was pregnant and was fixed during this pregnancy until after the fact. One male returned home with his stitches popping and needed to brought back. The final and worst was the other male came home with two sets of stitches because no one bothered to check if he was male or female so they cut into him unnecessarily. When I asked about this it was blown off. The same male stopped eating the following day and the next morning passed away with a severe infection that you could smell. Dr. Johnson sent me a check for $75 stating that this male died of heart complications. Yes. Yes he did. His heart stopped from infection from malpractice and careless actions. I would never recommend anyone to this institution.\" And another. \"My last visit was on the day before he went away for vacation. He took my dog out of the room to an area where I couldn\'t see her to get a weight (why weigh her? I have no idea..he literally closed the exam room door on me and didn\'t listen to my request that he keep her near the wall and provide extra support on the slippery floor) The weight I had given him (from my last visit to her regular Dr.) was still accurate anyway. I heard her cry out twice while she was gone, and when he brought her back in a moment later she was anxious. He proceeded with the adjustment (we had to hold her up for this) after which she laid down on the floor (this was a first) and she was still prone when he left the room. She would not get up and after about 10 minutes I lifted her onto her feet. In truth, she never got up again without assistance. He was not there for her the next day (vacation, remember) when she was very much worse. The diagnosis (another vet, another visit, another bill) was a disk protrusion in her back and she was humanely euthanized just 10 days after her adjustment. There was simply no way to make her comfortable and she was a poor candidate for surgeryr. I am most bothered by the fact that the doctor and his staff seemed uninterested when I asked what had happened when she was in the back being weighed. Even a vet who had not seen her in over a year sent a note when he heard she was dead and I got the usual letter from my regular vet. From Dr. Johnson I couldn\'t get so much as a return phone call. Sure she could have hurt herself anywhere, it might have been just bad luck that it happened that way. However, he could have taken a moment to assist her properly or let me go along and the injury would not have happened on his watch.\" -- I have personal experience with him. I once brought a stray cat in. He had a huge open wound on his neck, and was extremely emaciated. Dr. Johnson prodded and grabbed at the wound with NO gloves, and simply stated - \"Yeah, that looks pretty nasty.\" They then told us they would have him tested for feline luke, and have the wound fixed up. They called back later that day and said he was positive. Well, being as I had another cat, I couldn\'t keep him. So he said this. \"Well, you could release him into the wild.\" RELEASE HIM?! SO OTHER CATS CAN GET SICK?! WHAT A SICK MAN! Luckily, a woman at the vet had another feline luke positive cat, and was willing to take him. I was so happy for that. I was never so appalled in my life. So, the vet charged us over a hundred for boarding the cat, even though he wasn\'t even ours. People are just sickening. If you don\'t love animals, why be a vet? So I want to get this guy out of practice. He doesn\'t belong where there any longer.


  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 29 June, 2010
    ::::::::::So, the vet charged us over a hundred for boarding the cat, even though he wasn't even ours. ::::::::::: When you bring an animal in, you are going to be charged at any vets office, even if the cat isn't 'yours'. That said, unless there is prrof positive that the vet is violating state law, you cannot get the practice closed. Period. I have also noticed that, like doctors, after vets havbe been in practice awhile, there will always be some bad reviews where people blame the vet--for instance, the woman who was angry about her dog being weighed ahould know that any good vet weighs EVERY animal, EVERYvisit, just like human doctors do. Did she even ask to go back with her dog? Not saying you are wrong, but about all you can do is report your experience to the state vet's association. If there are enough complaints. the practice will be investigated.
  • Nuk AnukNuk Anuk Member Posts: 846
    edited 29 June, 2010
    There are a few problems in reporting this particular veterinarian. Only the last of these complaints are yours, or related to your animal's care. All of the complaints are personally subjective and lacking in documented proof. (Can any of the online complaints, even yours be verified or sourced on Pubic Record especially Veterinary Board Documents) Before you attempt to submit a submit a complaint to the NY State Veterinary Board I do understand that you feel Dr. Johnson was 'unprofessional' with you - but will he meet statute standards for such. Boo also is correct in replying that boarding and care are not free and when you take a cat "that is not yours" to a vet, unless you have worked out a decreased fee arrangement with the vet, you have the responsibility of paying for any care and/or boarding. Lastly, there are no prior board disciplinary actions against this veterinarian - out of all the various Johnsons listed none are veterinarians NYS Professional Discipline Summary Index - I and J ***************************************** To file a complaint against a licensee: Voice: 800-442-8106 Email: [email protected] Fax: 212-951-6537 Write: Office of Professional Discipline, 475 Park Avenue South, Second Floor, New York, NY 10016-6901 Information:
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