PLEASE HELP! Introducing a new kitten to older cat?

Rachel HenneyRachel Henney AcampoMember Posts: 1,476
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Ok guys we got my Emma 4 days ago. It took about 3 days for her to fully trust us. We slowly introduced our six ::o yes six dogs to her. By bringing her out in our living room in the saftey of her crate every day about three times a day. Until she showed no fear and they werent as intense with wanting to meet her. Tonight we brought her out crate free locked the dogs out and brought out one at a time until they werent showing interest and then brought the next one out. She did amazing and has NO problems with any of them. But our cat Tigger is NOT thrilled with her. Any time he sees her he growls and hisses and tries to run away. I held him and let him sniff her and vice versa. She wants to make friends with him so bad but he is NOT having it. Any ideas? :?


  • Rachel HenneyRachel Henney AcampoMember Posts: 1,476
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    ANYONE?? :?
  • Rachel HenneyRachel Henney AcampoMember Posts: 1,476
    edited 30 June, 2010
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Cats take a while to acquaint with each other. If this is the first time your older cat sees the kitty, it's no surprise he's hissing at her. It could be much, much worse. You just have to be patient and introduce the two cats very slowly. I have a feeling not many other catsters are responding to this because there are a million threads on this site about the basics of introducing cats, as well as some actual articles on the "Behavior and Training" page. If you're really desperate to get an answer right away, it can't hurt to use the search bar on the upper right hand corner of the catster site to look for "introducing two cats" or "introducing a kitten to an adult cat" resources on the site. Even just typing "introducing cats" will give you a bevy of reading material. Happy reading, hope it will ease your mind.
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