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a big kittie\'s gone

Allen DavidAllen David Member Posts: 3
edited 17 June, 2013 in Cats & Travel
hi i have a problem with my cat...because i left him at my apartment for two weeks but my in-laws are feeding them...i have to move at my mom's house because im sick and i have to leave them there...but my window is open and they are free to out on the roof...but when i came back my eyah is not there, a very unusual thing...he used to be there even he's going he coming back or not...that's the big question i have and i miss him so much...


  • MrD_Sam_RazaMrD_Sam_Raza New ZealandMember Posts: 2,511 ✭✭✭
    edited 5 August, 2010
    He might be looking for you. I hope you find him ok.
  • Charlene DitnerCharlene Ditner FormosaMember Posts: 1,545 ✭✭
    edited 5 August, 2010
    He might just be out exploring. Maybe he comes back when you're not there, and then goes out again.
  • Debra PietrowskiDebra Pietrowski Sussex CountyMember Posts: 1,833
    edited 5 August, 2010
    Your cat goes out on the roof? How does he get down from there? :-/
  • Pat BeckPat Beck Spokane/SouthhillMember Posts: 878
    edited 7 August, 2010
    We're sending our huggs and prayers for his safe return, very soon! Checkers, Gracie, Heidi in Memory
  • Allen DavidAllen David Member Posts: 3
    edited 10 August, 2010
    case solved thanks for your together with my partner looked for him and we saw him on top of the roof and can't down...he's crying and crying...until we saved him...he gives a bunch of kisses and hugs and a lots of purrrrrrrr.....i'm very happy now...and i'm sure he is...
  • sandra dringsandra dring Member Posts: 1,746
    edited 10 August, 2010
    So very happy that he is back and safe ((hugs))xx;c;
  • Valerie McMullenValerie McMullen PhoenixMember Posts: 35,203 ✭✭✭
    edited 11 August, 2010
    Yippee! Glad he's back home safe and sound! Hope he doesn't go on any more excursions! He's safest indoors!
  • Allen DavidAllen David Member Posts: 3
    edited 2 October, 2012
    i forgo to updatee eyah is back after 1 wk of charlie brown (little brother of eyah) showed me where he is...omg...he was suck in the roof he cant jump down because he was so afraid of have to get a ladder and went to the roof and get him... my baby's back... thanks for your response
  • Valerie ValerierrsValerie Valerierrs Member Posts: 7
    edited 16 October, 2012
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  • Lissy JohnsonLissy Johnson Member Posts: 84
    edited 18 November, 2012
    Congrats on finding him! ;P:P=;;c;%:D%=D>|:|
  • Fran FontanaFran Fontana Satchie CentralMember Posts: 5
    edited 15 June, 2013
    ~a~ I know the feeling, so glad he's home! ~a~
  • Christine LaverieChristine Laverie Member Posts: 305
    edited 17 June, 2013
    You found him?? AWESOME!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Good for you!! I'm sure he is happy to be back with you!!!! %:D% =D> ;P ;P ;c; ;c; ;c; ;c; ;c; =D>
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