Healthy cat losing weight

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Miss Penelope is losing weight rapidly. She eats well, her bathroom visits are normal, she has been to the vet, had an ultra sound, all the blood tests, urine tests, etc. and they cannot find anything wrong with her. She went from 6 pounds to 5 pounds in 3 weeks! Her normal weight is close to 7 pounds. Does anyone know what this might be?


  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
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    Holy cow, that's a dangerous weight drop in such a short time. Very dangerous! I'm finding it hard to believe that a vet couldn't find anything wrong here, especially with an ultrasound. There is no such thing as a rapid weight loss like that without a health problem being present. This is very concerning. Did they do bloodwork also? Pancreatitis can act like this and if you don't have someone who is certified, licensed and experienced doing the ultrasound they can easily miss it. The pancreas is positioned in back of the stomach so it's hard to see. Besides that, with a rapid weight loss like this the liver is sure to be affected so I would suspect her liver enzymes would be raised considerably. This boggles my mind frankly that they didn't try to dig deeper and test for cancer as well. I would seriously call them back and talk about this and if you feel they aren't getting to the bottom of it, I'd look for an internist or at least another vet for a second opinion. This isn't right at all, something is definitely going on and it could be a number of things. There isn't any way for us to tell, she needs the proper testing and maybe a 2nd opinion like I said. Please let us know what happens, this is very concerning.:(
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    Did the vet do a CBC and Wellness blood panel? Was it sent to a lab like Antech or Idexx? Did the vet give you a copy of it? :D If the blood panel was done in house, insist they pull the blood and send it to one of the labs, they are more accurate, and they have specialists/vets there, that help your vet with the diagnosis and course of treatment. Then the vet should give you a copy of it, all they do is just photocopy it. On there, it will show, what has been tested for, what the normal range is, and what her values are. This gives the vet a place to start. The vet should also do an x-ray, norm is from the side, but they should do one from the top too. That shows the vet, if there is something in there, that is not normal, or there may be a foreign object in there, if the organs don't look normal, if her intestines have a blockage or inflammed. I already been thru this, and it is possible the x-rays and ultrasound all show normal. They did the blood panel, sent it to Antech, her ALT (liver) value was 917, normal is 10-100. The specialist at Antech, had her blood pulled 3 times, to make sure it was not a mistake, it always came out 917. Her x-ray showed normal, but she was immed sent, on an er basis to the specialist to get an ultrasound, that also showed normal. So now they knew, it was her liver, and that tracted with she ate the bread and the plastic. The plastic poisened her. The specialist at Antech, said in all his years of practice, he only saw that one other time, and in that case, they had to operate on that cat, to get the plastic out. My vet, the specialist at Antech, and the specialist who did the ultrasound, all collaberated, to decide a course of treatment for her. Took 3 months and some changes in medications and dosages, to see what would work for her, but she is all better now. I thank G, for those specialists! If your vet is unwilling to send the blood panel to one of the labs, and Antech is one of the better ones, they are in MS, then I would find a vet who will. Another thought too, is what are you feeding her and how much, and has that changed, and/or anything in the household changed? Best of luck and hope she is feeling better soon. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    A huge weight loss can indicate diabetes but you would also have other symptoms such as peeing a lot, drinking a lot of water, and eating a lot of food. If the vet can't figure out what is wrong even with bloodwork and other tests, go to another vet for a second opinion. Bring copies of all the recent bloodwork and tests and vet notes for the second vet to see.
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    This is Delyte. Hyperthyroid can cause extreme weight loss, but the appetite is increased and the cat looks well but thin. It should show up in a blood panel, though. I think you should get a second opinion also. Giant purrs!
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    I'm with the others; a "healthy" cat simply does not lose that much weight that quickly! When the blood tests were done, did they include a T4, which tests the thyroid? Since your regular vet hasn't been able to find the problem, I'd ask for a referral to an internist ASAP!!
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    Hello, Yes, my vet did have a specialist come in to do the ultra-sound (heart) to see if it was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or heartworms. She was tested for diabetes, hyperthyroidism, etc. These were sent out to a lab. She has a second ultra-sound scheduled for her stomach on Monday. She is also up to date on all of her shots. I've used this vet for years and have been very happy with the care they give my pets. But they are stumped. New cat symptoms that started yesterday are: occasional sneezing and now she wants to sleep in the bathtub. She is not urinating excessively or drinking more than usual. I had her temp taken this morning and it is normal but she lost 2 more ounces. She eats as much as the other cat and is active. She is constipated though. I have a second vet I use for after hours emergencies and I will be taking the test results over there this evening. Thanks for your concern. I will let you know what happens.
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