Possible Broken Leg

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My kitten has been favoring her front leg all day and my mom finally came over to take a look at it. She has more experience with cats then I do, and she thinks the leg might be broken. I think she fell off my bathroom counter in the middle of the night, but I didn't witness it, just heard it. I'm working so I couldn't take the kitten to the vet but my mom is there with her right now. My question is, what will the vet be doing to check if it's broken? And if it is what do they do then? I assume an x-ray will be done. But I honestly have no idea. I just want to know what the baby will have to go through. Also, what do I do when she's home? Will she have a cast of some sort? Will they give her pain killers? Any and all info on the matter (vet process and at home care) would be super awesome. FYI, I'm not extremely worried, don't even know if it's actually broken yet and I went through much worse with my first kitty. Just curious what the whole process is since I can't be at the vet with her. Thanks!


  • Thea SnelsonThea Snelson LakewoodMember Posts: 17
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    My mom just called me from the vet. It's definitely broken. They are going to give her an x-ray and splint it then send her home with pain killers. Any info is still wanted. Thanks.
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    I am so very sorry this happened to Emma, I read her post on how she got her name, which is pretty cool. :D I have no experience with a broken leg, altho some on here have, so I hope they see your post. I found a link for you, not sure how much help it is, but it gives you some info. I would call the vet in the morning, if it is the er vet, and ask him/her about it, what you can expect, what care Emma needs etc. I would also call your regular vet and talk to him/her about it too. He/she may want you to bring Emma in after a few weeks, to check her. Sorry wasn't more help, alot of knowledgeable kitties on here, they can prob give you more info. Hope she is feeling better soon. (((((((((((((BIG HUGS TO EMMA)))))))) =;=;=;=;=;=;=;=;=;=;
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    Thank you so much Bumpurr!! :) She should be home soon so I'll keep this updated with how she's doing.
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    Okay, my mom just dropped Emmy off... apparently her leg is not broken. The vet thought it was but they didn't see a break on the Xray. They think it might be bruised badly or something. They went ahead and put a splint on it and gave her some pain killers that will "make her loopy" as my mother says. The vet also says there is a chance that she may have damaged her growth plates, which means that her leg might grow crooked or be shorter than the other, or something like that. Right now Emmy is trying to figure out how to walk with a gigantic leg, and sadly I'm going to have to crate her at night and when I'm not home because her movement needs to be restricted. In a week I can take the splint off and if it looks like she's still having problems she needs to go back to the vet.
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    Oh poor little girl! Hopefully the painkillers will help in keeping her sleepy while crated! Kittens sure are busy! The one thing I can tell you is I had sort of the same thing happen, but with my beloved doggie Casey. He must have jumped wrong (he was very bouncy boy in his youth) and I kinda jammed his leg upward - which is prob similar to what Emma did. He had a soft cast for a few days, and he healed up good as new. When he got older & arthritis kicked in, it would bother him sometimes, but he would love it when I put a heating pad on low by his leg for a while. So hoping all goes well for your little one. Let us know how she is doing. Purrs, Tigger & Maizy
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