paralyzed kitty

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my da came home from visiting my mom in the hospital today and fonf his 1 year old kitty laying in the middle of the floor when he saw my dad he meowed so my dad walked over to pick him up but sam cant use any of his legs we took him to th vet and she said it could be 2 things tramua or a blood clot. i did some reaserch online and dont think its a bloot clot because sam was fine in the morning and he doesnt seem to be in any pain he knowswhats going on and he can kinda drag himelf along the floor just not put any weight on it. i herd and mri can cost 3000 and my moms a kidney transplant patient in the hospital and almost died and my dad is out of work due to a broken ankle if anyone knows of anything other storys different prognoses it would br helpfull i dontwant my mom to loose him hes her best friend and she would be heart broken


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    I agree with you that it doesn't sound like a blood clot as that usually causes a lot of pain. Did you put any of flea meds on him recently? When I was at my vet a couple of months ago a cat came in who was paralysed like that and it was a reaction to the flea meds. If you think that could be the problem wash it off his fur as quick as possible and with luck he could be OK in a few days. You really need to take him to a vet for a physical exam. Explain that money is tight and you can't afford any expensive tests but just with a physical exam they should be able to confirm if he has an injury that is causing the problem. They could also give him steroids to reduce inflamation if they find an injury and that may help him recover. If there is a vet near you call them and explain what has happened, that money is tight and will they see him and help figure out what to do. Also here is a link to a thread with lots of links for places that give financial help with vet bills Good luck with your cat
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