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I\'m thinking of replacing my 15 year old carpet (complete with cat stains) and replacing it with laminate and some throw rugs. I know I\'m probably over-thinking this, but are cats okay on non-textured surfaces? I have images of Pookie trying to do his Daytona run through the house and slippin\' and-a-slidin\'. I\'d rather not put down carpet, but I also want to make sure he\'ll be okay. Thanks for your advice!:):):):) (The paranoid Mom):))


  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
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    Hi paranoid momma! I just ripped out my carpeting earlier this summer and replaced it with click lock hardwood flooring. The carpets were smelly and gross and let's face it, no matter how much you shampoo them you cannot get all the kitty vomit and poop out! It was murder on my sinuses and gave me headaches. Plus they have lots of awful chemicals in them that gets absorbed into your skin AND your kitty's skin! Once I put the floors in, I couldn't believe how much Finn and Lacey loved them. First they are much cooler in the summer, and second they LOVE sliding all over the place! They're resilient and got used to hitting the wall occasionally, LOL! Seriously, they love the floors and so do I! Best thing I ever did. You just notice the kitty litter and fur tumbleweeds more though. I vacuum and sweep more just because I notice it more but it's worth it.=;
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    We have all hardwood floors. Let me tell ya when Tigger gets going it is like watching an episode of the Flinstones when they would start their car with the feet! One of Miazy's favorite things is to hit the throw rug & slide.It is so much easier to keep clean too. just be prepared that you will prob have a few scratches from little kitty feet.
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    LOL We pulled up our carpet just before the economy tanked on us... so we are still down to the cement slab. Between the linoleum in the kitchen, the cement in the main rooms, and the carpets still upstairs, there are plenty of floor textures to "experiment" with. :)) I am looking forward to putting in a laminate flooring... eventually.
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
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    I have carpeting in the bedrooms, hardwood floors in the livingroom, dining area/kitchen and linoleum (sp?) in the bathrooms and entry way. Hunter loves the hardwood floors, probably because its cold and its histerical when hes running around instant slip and slide, carpet is easy to get around on, and the Linoleum, ehhh not his favorite.
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
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    By the way, the click lock hardwood floor I got from Home Depot was a really good price and it does NOT scratch at all! I can't even believe it. Me and Finney can slide and play and rough house all we want and it's fine!%:D%
  • Dawn HarmanDawn Harman SpeedwellMember Posts: 1,079
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    We have ceramic tile floors and when I run my Daytona.. I have a grand time! Mom can hear me start in the kitchen and go behind the couch and then up on the bed. And around and around I go. But I keep scarring that big Gray Parrot and he falls off his perch and that scares the smaller gray parrots and they start to fly in there cage. Mom gets up out of a dead sleep to turn on the light and calm everyone down. You should see that big yellow dog, try to run in the house, he hits the walls sometimes when he slides mol But no, what you are wanting to put down is just fine. Mom has allergies to two different types of dust mites,dogs and a few other out side things :( That is why she is getting shots every week.
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
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    This is Delyte. Our person still has the old carpet because she was afraid that it would be too cold in here in the winter for all of us. She lives in an old trailer and the insulation underneath is in bad shape--partially due to some outside kitties clawing at it when they used to get under there. She doesn't think it is worth getting any new flooring since the trailer will have to be disassembled if she leaves it. [The landlord won't let it stay here because it is too old and ugly, and it probably would not survive the move anywhere.] She is thinking about putting some cheap linoleum in the kitchen and dining area, because the floor looks so bad in there, and then getting a big throw rug for winter. Now that the kittens are all grown, they seem to have pretty good traction, even when they play "chase me, chase me," I personally would not like to lose any of the carpet, as I am cold a lot. I have been sleeping in the heated kitty bed even during the summer! It probably depends on your kitties, their activity level, and on how comfortable the house is during the various seasons. It must be very hard to keep a cement floor both warm and clean, though? Giant purrs to all! :-h
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    Hi Delyte :D I\'m assuming the cement floor comment was in reference to me. Although it might sound like a terrible situation, it\'s really not that bad. We live in the high desert, so the cement floor keeps us cool, especially in the summer. This summer we had 48 straight days of triple digit heat... and we\'re talking 110+. The floor is not any more difficult to keep clean than any other hard floor, vacuum & mop. Some of our friends have even suggested that we should do what a lot of restaurants do; give the cement an acid stain treatment and seal it up! :)) (unfortunately, that treatment is more expensive than you might think) It sounds like your situation is much different. I\'ve lived in trailers before, in colder climates, and I know exactly what you mean... brrrrrrr! I completely understand why YOU would want to keep your rugs & carpets. :D
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    We've never lived in our own home, only apartments. We lived in both hardwood floor ones and carpeted ones. We like both. The carpeted are nice to lay on when it's cold, but the hardwood made it a lot more fun to chase one another. Mom said the only thing she hated about hardwood is that she had to sweep and mop it daily because of all the fur flying around. :))! The last carpeted apartment had linoleum everywhere, we hated that. This one has tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, we like them in the summer, especially because we have no air conditioning, and so they are a lot cooler than the carpet (thankfully our summer is only about 2 months long :D).
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    I'd go for it. I sure wish we could have hard floors throughout, but I rent and have WHITE carpeting! How frustrating....Anyways, I notice that the girls love the hard floors especially in the heat. Either their napping in the kitchen, entryway, bathrooms, or laundry room. Also, if you're concerned about winter, their fine if they have some fun places to sleep. We have a tipi, a cube, 2 baskets, and a doughnut. Not to mention, beds and couches! I would take puke on hard floors any day over this dang carpet!
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
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    This is Delyte. We can see how a cement floor would be great in the hot areas. When our person was a child, they had no AC, and their cat used to go and lay on the cement cellar floor to get cool. They had painted the floor red, so her white belly was always pink! We see lots of houses for sale where they have put down new carpeting in white or beige or pale gray. That certainly does not attract buyers like us who have multicolored cats. The best carpeting for having cats was the ugliest. Our person rented an apt with orange shag carpeting with big green and brown blotches on it. It was hideous but it did not matter what the cats did on it, although it is hard to get shag carpet clean. Certainly hard wood floor, tile or lineoleum is easier to clean up accidents from than any kind of carpeting.
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    I really enjoy running around on the wood laminate floors we have in part of our house. I slide occasionally but that\'s sort of fun, especially when I slide under the curtains -- or into them. But I must admit I\'m not much of a jumper and it\'s much easier for me to jump up onto something from carpeting where I can get some traction first. I\'m glad there is carpeting in the bedroom so sometimes I can jump up and join my human parents on the bed. And I don\'t really like to curl up and sleep on the laminate of course--I would rather do that on on the carpet or my own bed or mat... I do scratch the carpet (plus the one rug we have). I believe my human parents think they are very liberal in allowing me to do so--and some of their friends have expressed disapproval--but I can\'t imagine life any other way!
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