Dealing with Chronic Constipation

Stephanie RotondoStephanie Rotondo Member Posts: 1
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My cat Karl has been dealing with Chronic Constipation for some time. He has undergone numerous enemas (sometimes up to 3 in one visit!), had x-rays, scopes, etc., and no one has ever been able to tell me what is wrong with him. (They have said they do not believe it to be megacolon.) At any rate, he was put on Lactulose (the liquid) but he would throw up, so we decided instead to go for the kristalose, which is a powder that can be sprinkled on food. (We add it to a mixture of tuna, tuna water and water, so he not only gets the meds, but also increases what he is drinking.) He is also on Zantac (about 1/3 tablet a day or 2x a day, depending.) Still, while this regimen seemed to help, he was still having problems. Soon we were having to go to the vet every 2-4 weeks. In this economy, it was becoming a problem and we were not sure how to move forward. About 3 weeks ago, he started growling/screaming again, letting me know he couldn't go. But I didn't have the money to take him for yet another enema (having just taken him a few weeks before). So we decided to wait it out in hopes he would eventually push it out. However, he stopped drinking and eating, which became a big concern. I called my vet, and they taught me how to give him sub-cutaneous fluids. To purchase a 1000ml bag of fluids, a line, and 10 needles cost me only $30! We decided to give him fluids regularly in hopes that having extra moisture would help. I'm happy to say that while we obviously haven't cured the problem, Karl is going potty on his own! And in the cat box too! (he would often go other places, his way of letting me know he didn't feel well.) He has had a couple of growly days, but he eventually will go! At first we gave him 200ml/day (and we still do when he gets upset). Now however, we have started to give him 100ml/every other day and that seems to be helping. He is drinking on his own (the vet tech said he might not drink on days he gets fluids, so that was nice to see) and eating/taking his medicine. Like i said before, this is not a cure, but could be a good way to deal with the problem until we can figure out what is going on. He might be on this regimen for life, but it's worth it if we get to keep him happy and healthy!


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    Hi there, even though they said he doesn't have megacolon, have they done an ultrasound to rule out IBD? Many people think that the only way a cat has IBD is if they have diarrhea or are vomiting, but that just isn't true. My Alex never had diarrhea although she did vomit constantly. But the truth of the matter is, IBD can come in many different symptoms and constipation is one of them. If they have ruled out any kind of intestinal issues like a blockage, tumor, anything like that, then I'm curious to see what he's being fed. A change in diet may be what's needed. Also, you can give salmon oil, it's rich in omega oils and acts as a very good lubricant that is good for inflammatory issues. Canned pumpkin is also great. Not the pie filling, just the pure pumpkin. And try to get the organic kind if you can. Does he eat only dry food? If so, he should be put on canned wet food for sure if you can do it. Probiotics would also help, Eaglepack Transition Solution is a chicken flavored powder that has probiotics especially for kitties in it. It works very well! I'd even suggest giving him Colostrum if you can. If you have any questions about any of these things please let me know. If you want to read up on feline IBD, please go to my website,
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    Awww your kitty looks just like Shadow ;) I second what Alex says..also a change of diet will help. Are you still on Purina dry food? If so a change to an all wet high protein grain free food, like Wellness, or Evo if you can would be better.
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